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Welcome!!! Get your FAQs answered HERE!   Welcome!

Started 5/4/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 499198 views.

From: LvlSlgr


Hello Ashyr,

If your friends on the Social page do not have an arrow so that you can flip and see the gifts, then they don't have anything on their Wish List. Many of us - myself included - have taken down our Wish List because we're being safe and not playing the game until we get the fix in the next update. 

Good luck!


From: Ashyr


Thank you LvlSlgr!!!   
Much appreciated.

If anyone wants to add me as a friend, I do gift.
My friend ID is:  918843.

Thank you again.



From: LvlSlgr


You're welcome, Ashyr. 

I noticed you're new to the forum. You'll find there's nearly always someone around here willing and able to help. This is a great group of people.


From: Mara1022



I had just under 100 when my game crashed the first time, about 110 when it crashed the 2nd time. 


From: AllanaX7


Hi everybody

Let me set fire to this discussion about the 450 friends.

In another post of mine, I was talking about 2016 and the first disaster in the Midnight Castle update that I can remember. Yesterday, deepest down in my computer backup, I've found this. It's the message the mailman sent to us to apologize for the inconvenient and instructions of what to do. 

Here is what he said: 

"If your profile reset back to Level 1 on October 17 we apologize. What caused this to happen is that the Player ID did not match the Computer ID for your system. One thing that can cause this is moving the App Data for the game to another location. If you want to restore your game for any reason, the only thing you need is your original and new Friend ID and our Customer Support team should be able to restore your profile for you" 

Another game collapse at the exact same time - the Fall Event -  and a different point of view from Big Fish on what caused it. 

In my opinion, the answer they gave us is like the newest one -  too weird to be true. "(...) move the App Data folder to another location?" Has anyone done this? I don't think so. We were taken by surprise, just like what happened a month ago.

Yup, it has nothing to do with the number of friends.

It was something else developers touched when they did the early October update  &/or the {ugh frames) Castle Challenge. 

It absolutely has nothing to do with the number of friends.  And if I remember correctly about that October 2016 issue, the only reason they mentioned moving the App file is because everyone was posting on the BF forum about copying and saving those files just in case.  In my opinion, they were just using that as an excuse for a reason, same as the number of friends now.

I stay logged in to the BF game manager....I never log out. 

Haven't played MC in weeks, but every day I either peek in here or open the BF game manager, check downloads for any game updates

(my download option is set to Manual instead of Automatic, so I do not have to open the game to check). 

When I see none, close the game manager...either thru the X at top right or via Task Manager.  


From: Erin7770


I had 75 friends. I don't think that is the case, though. My game set me back to level 1 with the very same ID number. I had nothing but 75 friends. Of course, I had to get to the level where your social room is unlocked. Two days later, all of my friends disappeared, and I still had the original ID. 

It took a few days for BF to restore it, and I lost all my pets and Avatars, but you guys wouldn't believe the embarrassing amount of loot BF sent me. Like a million coins and 2k diamonds. Eggs, stamps, airship items, keys, and everything you can imagine. I'm really nervous about playing the game now. I wish they would find the problem and fix it.