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Started 5/4/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 502321 views.

It absolutely has nothing to do with the number of friends.  And if I remember correctly about that October 2016 issue, the only reason they mentioned moving the App file is because everyone was posting on the BF forum about copying and saving those files just in case.  In my opinion, they were just using that as an excuse for a reason, same as the number of friends now.

I stay logged in to the BF game manager....I never log out. 

Haven't played MC in weeks, but every day I either peek in here or open the BF game manager, check downloads for any game updates

(my download option is set to Manual instead of Automatic, so I do not have to open the game to check). 

When I see none, close the game manager...either thru the X at top right or via Task Manager.  


From: Erin7770


I had 75 friends. I don't think that is the case, though. My game set me back to level 1 with the very same ID number. I had nothing but 75 friends. Of course, I had to get to the level where your social room is unlocked. Two days later, all of my friends disappeared, and I still had the original ID. 

It took a few days for BF to restore it, and I lost all my pets and Avatars, but you guys wouldn't believe the embarrassing amount of loot BF sent me. Like a million coins and 2k diamonds. Eggs, stamps, airship items, keys, and everything you can imagine. I'm really nervous about playing the game now. I wish they would find the problem and fix it. 

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)




From: Erin7770


No way! I'm not taking that kind of a chance.


From: AllanaX7


Certainly it has nothing to do with our friends.

The devs did some changes in the game - the active/inactive player mark changed place, and the shield beside our avatar that indicates our level too. For me, unnecessary changes because everything was perfect  (and let's not talk about that strange Castle Challenge).

On the other hand, I'm (too) still waiting for a scroll tab, that will help us select an specific gift from the list, and the return of those special amulets that they offered a long time ago. I keep dreaming of that...sleeping


From: THEdella


In regards to all the messages that are being posted on the forum to "not play until glitch is fixed".  If players stop playing, then what incentive is there for the developers, and powers that be, to even try to correct the problem?  Seems to me that they would just give up on the game, why try to fix it if no one is even gonna try it?  Heck, I wouldn't!  I keep trying because I really like the game, and I keep sending them info and screenshots hoping that something might help.  I'm not able to get out and about and this game has helped me to maintain some sanity.  So please don't judge those of us who keep trying!


From: THEdella


I contacted Elephant Games support late last night about my constant re-starts back to level 1.  Today when I signed in I was back to level 111!  I don't have a problem with my friends list as I have a backup flash drive that holds that info which I can copy back to my PC at any time.  Did not get all my coinage back, nor achievements, but it's enough to where I can enjoy playing again.  Of course when they do this, every HOS starts you at the beginning with only 6 items to find and you build up from there.  All of my regular pets are there, plus gave me 20 of each of the pet eggs.  I was disappointed that I only got 1 of the exclusive foods when I had several thousand before, but that's an issue for another day.  I'm satisfied with Elephant Games' response for now.  Much quicker results than with Big Fish.  Big Fish did load a lot more inventory, but it just wasn't reliable enough and their response time was really starting to lag big time of late.


From: LvlSlgr



We're not giving up on the game ... we all hope that the glitch is fixed and we can start playing again. However, it makes no sense to continue playing and getting sent back to Level 1 and then asking EG to "restore" our game. Game is restored and we play a little more and BOOM!!! We're back at Level 1 again. That's okay, I'll just get EG to "restore" my game for the second, third, fourth time. Some of the reps helping by restoring the games have even recommended that we not play again until the glitch is fixed. 

Heck, once we get an update with the "fix" I'll gladly jump in and start playing again. But I'm not going to do that until we get an update because I don't want to risk losing everything again.


From: morrissel311


I noticed you're new to the forum. You'll find there's nearly always someone around here willing and able to help. This is a great group of people.  panorama charter