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Welcome!!! Get your FAQs answered HERE!   Welcome!

Started 5/4/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 282043 views.

From: Entomologyro


Yeah, I totally agree, It all depends on how high a score you get in each play.

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From: Moonki


Hi; I have 1 egg each of snow griffin, parrot manticore, and voracious lemur, 2 of Pegasus and sharp eyed snail and over 300 of the Snow White egg and the red yarn. I also have some of most of the other holiday items. I’ll giv them as gifts if you put them on your list. I play as Suzanne, i.d.# i1952977 Moonki 

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

Debbie runs the Consortium.

Hopefully she can help you get your goods out!

(Not in a felonious way)

Hi Suzanne!!

You and I are already friends and you are a Wonderful Friend!! 
Any of the Eggs, Winter or Other Holiday Items, the iOS Consortium Team Members, Catheryne, Miss Tracy, and I , will be more then happy to take in as donations. We are always so appreciative!! 

If you have a complete list of items you would like to donate, please just PM them to me. If there is anything that we may be of help and assistance with to you, please just let me know!!

Currently we are involved in a time sensitive situation moving around some inventory that belongs to the Consortium from a special helper’s game before it might get lost if that particular game should no longer be accessible. So as soon as we take care of that little issue hear_no_evilsee_no_evilspeak_no_evil, we will all be able to help and assist you with anything you might need.

But in the meantime, please do send me a list of the items you have to donate to the Consortium, as well as anything you may need help with yourself!! It would be my pleasure to be able to give back to you for such kindness and generosity!!

I hope you are staying safe and well!! 

XOXO ~ Debbie 

PS...Thanks Jennifer...I definitely am able to help her get the goods out...but of course, not in the felonious way!! grin wink


From: Moonki


Hi Debbie; Before I found this forum - spring of last year - I had 1 friend and didn’t know a lot of necessary info. I now have 77 friends and 2.7 million coins. I don’t really need much help - I have all the pets and all but 1 cushion in the rooms. If Trina ever stops demanding so many shards I’ll soon have it! The ice breath exchanges really help.

I try to gift 15 times a day - my day starts at 8p.m., then I always git\ft at breakfast and usually between noon and 8.

I have one each of these eggs -snow griffin, parrot, manticore voracious 

2 of Pegasus and sharp-eyed snail, and over 300 hundred snow White eggs and red yarn balls. 

I have quite a bit of inventory from the special events.

I’ll gladly gift what I have whenever they appear on the wish lists of my consortium friends.

AS you know, I play as Suzanne and my I’d is i1952977.



From: misstracy22


Hi Suzanne, 

I’ll put your gifts on my list to add to my WL, when we have finished this bit of helping out. You are fabulous. Thank you so much for your generosity. It is so very kind of you to think of others. 
I’ll be guided my Debbie on which items I need to collect. So we can co- ordinate the collections.

Thank you once again.

Tracy fish

I do sell my Airship items, but I always hold back some in reserve. Right now, I am reserving 25 of each item, so that I have enough for a ship. Now, if I have more requests (Trina likes her share too sometimes) for Airship items...then I put the said item on my Wishlist. But generally speaking, this has worked for me. I get my coins, but CMA too.

I didn't/haven't had much guidance as to what & how to do things, so I have figured it out as I went along. This is why I have come find out the information and maybe make some new friends. Seems like many of mine are 'not playing' (they have that little red player instead of a green one), and then there are those people who only play during an 'event', or they have 10 different games going on. <geesh> One is enough for me!

Another thing, that you suggested crafting the Ancestor's Spirit (which I did many times) until I ran completely out of the Stamps required...that was so hard to get my level back up again. If I do that again, it will be only once.

I don't seem to have the kind of friends that are willing to part with a couple of them. I try to spin that wheel, to get my own eggs...doesn't work very often.

I would love to have some guidance, hints, help, etc.

I try the Puzzle kid too, the best I have gathered is that whatever hand the item is put in-it usually comes out of the opposite hand. But that doesn't always work either...but its the best way I have found. 50/50 chance? I'd give my way a 70/30 chance.


From: butch53


Just sent a friend request I play as Jim j (i572228)


From: butch53


I would increase the number of airship items to at least 50 of each.  My latest shipment (gets 342 wheels) required 43 Bronze Amphora, 34 ship's lanterns, and 37 Genie's lamps.  but I only have 3 in inventory, after having to sent two ships for a 10 part daily challenge.  Lucky that Trina also needed airship items, so........  getting to the higher level usually requires more airship (I have seen 415 wheels in one shipment(

And I may adjust my 'reserves' as I get to higher levels. I am on Level 58 right now.

Usually there are no ships that require more than 25 of anything, thus far.