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Started 5/4/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 283696 views.
Alison (a1311369)

From: Alison (a1311369)


Thanks, I've found a similar pattern.  Then every once in a while it is all the same hand...


From: Honeyphan


cool pattern - but I found it doesn't work when the diamonds come first.

I have written down the sequence in a notebook each game. Each letter stands for a shuffle - start in right hand -R - move to left hand - L - move back to right hand - R  - to make that RLR - the last letter being where the reward ended up:

Example. after doing three puzzles





Using this method, I determined that the first hand (RRR) started with one and the next puzzle game played, changed to the other,  the pattern being that it took turns - the LRR pattern was always LRR, and when it did change, the LRL would happen three times, before going back to a long chain of LRR. (this was with the first hand only) - when I missed, I do another try and have a separate page for that since it does NOT conform with the pattern (the second try)- but it has its own pattern. But the patterns can and do change and get trickier - that's why it's a good idea keeping a record to refer to, for those who are serious about winning items from this game. :)

Most every puzzle game I play, I win the diamonds using this method. (This really helps in not only buying personal items needed but gifting friends, especially those who have seasonal items I don't yet have in my inventory as a newbie - like Christmas ones).

I get the 2nd item more than half the time.

I get the 3rd item (a unique ticket) approx. every 12- 15 games. (sometimes more, sometimes less depending on if I was able to fill in the pattern to figure it out.)

I get the egg I choose, (usually one a week, if playing a lot of puzzles each day) - to convert to money, give to friends, or send to the consortium. I take turns. :)

I keep a record and watch to see the pattern that forms, then work with that - it stays on track for at least several games, and when it breaks the pattern, there is usually a slow shuffle at the end (sometimes I spot it and know the item will be in the other hand opposite of what the pattern is shown, and most of the time I'm right.)

The pattern usually changes each game day change (also sometimes when I first open the game in the morning.) The last hand is the trickiest, and I still haven't figured out the pattern for that, since I don't often write down the fourth hand (as I usually don't get that far, only if I win the unique ticket! lol) So with the 4th, it's often a guess. ;-) (Though I always look back in my pages to find if there was a similar pattern shown or won - and if there was, it usually is right to stick with that.)

Oh- and I only "try again" if I win the diamonds first try. If I win them second try, I don't continue with the game - I just cut my "losses" and get the diamonds. ;-)

Hope this idea helps someone!

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From: GaviTn


Hi Gavi-Tn 822345 here, I have a question am at lvl 97, and some of the friends are lvl 100, now for the question, how many time do I have to play the pirate to get to the level up (to 98) been at this awhile now, thank you in advance for any thing you can tell me.

Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


Hi GaviTn! relaxed

Mdpetdoc, is absolutely correct directing you to the Game Guide.
I don’t know specifically where you are in lvl 97, but other than following the Guide, follow exactly what Prof. Pinfeathers directs you to do. Which is what is laid out for you in the GG. 
If you do that, you will reach the next lvl (98) and continue to advance to whatever lvl you want to get to until you have either reached the end of the current content (partway in lvl 100), or you are at a lvl you would like to stay for awhile. 

I hope this answers your question. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to post them or feel free to PM me anytime!! 

I hope you are staying safe and well!


PS...Thank you mdpetdoc for helping when I wasn’t here!! I appreciate it!!  two_hearts

CC to mdpetdoc
In reply toRe: msg 704

There is no pattern at all ---- it is completely random ---- but not like a RNG or anything like that. And it is absolutely NOT a 50-50 chance except perhaps on the very first pick.

Truth be told, we are at the mercy of how the devs set in accordance with how they have programmed it ---- and they can and do change it as it suits them.

Think back to when the puzzles first appeared ---- and players made a TON of money collecting multiple eggs, multiple items, etc. At that time you could play for items over and over, the cooldown was 3 hours, and there was no egg limit. Well, the devs were not about to let that continue so they changed the parameters in accordance with what they wanted ---- proving once and for all that they have the ability to change things up as they please whenever they please.

So, play all you like ---- it can be fun, for sure, ---- but just realize that it is not 50-50, there is no pattern, and it does not play anywhere near the arena of "fair". 

In reply toRe: msg 707

"Tells" are a fantasy created by hopeful players ---- such a thing could not possibly be programmed into this game. There are none. Not when sending pets, not when playing dice, nowhere in the game. 

But it's fun to imagine, huh?


From: GaviTn


thank you will try that


From: GaviTn


hi sweetie, that told me to go the far north and speak to the Queen, she says wait for a new update, ugh.  Oh well, nice talking to you and again thanks. Will keep going in circles. Have a good evening               Gavi-Tn


From: LvlSlgr


Hey Gavi-Tn!

I just thought of something and I don't recall if anyone else has mentioned this.

Click on the wheel in the upper right-hand corner of your MC game (like when you're closing the game). This will open up a window - Options - where you would normally exit the game. But it has other things there. One of those is Download Full Content. Give that a try. Maybe that's where the holdup is.

Good luck!