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Started 2/14/20 by Debbie (Debbie1845); 183295 views.

From: TinyFaerie


Hi Janet!!! How are you doing?

I was wondering if I could get some help this year with the event eggs. 3 weeks ago I fractured my shoulder and have until yesterday been in a sling. I can play some but I don't last long. The tasks seems daunting. I have up last years eggs to get them out of the way. Any help would be appreciated.

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi TF  relaxed

Dot here!  Earlier in the year between having COVID; eye problems and some other chronic health issues, I was in & out for quite some time.  I am playing again now.  

You are on all 4 of my games.  I have decided not to craft the pets on my DJ1 game so I can send you some of the eggs from that game.  Once I have the pets crafted on my other games, I will be able to gift the eggs if you are still wanting them at that time.  

Hoping your shoulder heals quickly.  Stay safe.

Dot  sunglasses  earth_asia


From: TinyFaerie


Thanks Dot.  I appreciate it. First time I have needed the help to get the pets. No stuffing my coffers this year.

I saw the Dr yesterday. The break is healing even s no need for surgery. YAY I start PT next week.  The bruising on my arm has given me more pain than the break itself.

Msg 3132.273 deleted

From: kthreads


Hi Tiny Faerie,

I am so sorry to hear about your injury. I hope your shoulder heals quickly and completely for you. Don't push it!

We'll get your eggs to you even if it takes a bit... That said... I can't play my PC games. Both Janet and Isadora keep crashing after just playing one or two HOSs, gifting or crafting... anything. This started in Sept after the update. I have been trying to get help from both BF and EG without success. 
I am also corresponding with AEGram and others in tech issues. I am going to have to try doing an uninstall / reinstall of Game Manager (again) and see if that works this time around. If not, I will have to uninstall and reinstall both games and hope I don't lose it all. 

Robert seems to be playing the event... hopefully he will be able to help. I am CCing him here. Put you eggs on your wishlist and hopefully others will also help out.

It's good to see Dot back too. I hope you are doing well, Dot.

I will honestly try my best... and hang in there... we'll get your pets done, promise.



From: TinyFaerie


Janet I so sorry you are having trouble with the game. I hope you get it sorted out.

Dot has jumped in as well as Robert so no worries. Honestly in no hurry. Seems weird not to be doing much in the event. I did manage to get all the ghosts with the help of the coveted amulet. It doesnt help that my mouse hand is the one that is broken. 

Good news is I went to the dr and he said its a very clean break and is healing nicely. I have light PT started next Wednesday. My whole arm is one big bruise and that aches more than the break itself. So I don't get far playing the event Hos's. Doctor say the break is healing nicely and I will not need any surgery. I can drive again and take breaks from wearing the sling as long as I don't do anything like lift using that arm.

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From: PenWeb


Hi TinyFaerie,

I believe I have you as a Friend on both Nell and GMA. Will help you out with eggs as I can.

So sorry you have pain, etc problems. Hope you heal well and quickly.

Penny B.


From: Cyberfox277


I'm sorry to hear that you're having health problems, but I can help, I've already assembled the Halloween Room 5 pets, so I have a lot of spare eggs. But which is your game name again in MC? Is it the same? I do get confused a little bit, that's why I always use the same nick smile

Oh, and Janet, I'm also sorry to hear it, but I better not send you more ghost traps for now then? 


From: TinyFaerie


Thanks Cyberfox. Yeah My game name is the same I can pm you my player ID to make it easier to find. I appreciate all the help.

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


Poor tiny, had no idea! I will try to  help.