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My game-Temshi   Technical Issues

Started Feb-20 by Temshi & Jas (Jasa3); 886 views.


I lost my game on December 14 right after the Christmas event started. CS put me through all the "tries" and finally told me about a week or so ago that my computer is too old! They offered me three new games to download on my "old" PC! I kept getting the Code 3 error which is an issue with the game manager. I emailed Elephant games and they answered one time and said they would have the issue fixed the next day. Well they didn't and didn't answer another email I sent.  I guess I am done..  

Does anyone know if I buy a new computer will my game still be there?  


Temshi (Sally)

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


Your game is still saved on the big fish games servers. You would need your Friend/game code from your old game. If you get a new Windows Pc or tablet you download midnight castle start a new game then send customer service your old and new id with a request to transfer the old game id to the new one. Computers, tablets and phones get old. I just had to get a new phone, and after the spring event I need to replace my kindle fire tablet. If you hurry you should have your game back in time for the spring event.

Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


Before your Castle was 'lost' did you by any chance make a backup of your MC 'progress' files to a Flash Drive?  Have you been backing up your ENTIRE computer to external storage on a regular basis?

If so, then, when you get your new computer, it is REALLY EASY to move your Castle progress yourself, intact with ALL your Inventory and Friends.

But first, have you tried launching MC from the MC Shortcut and NOT through Game Manager?  There's also a Launcher in the the Midnight Castle program itself that lives in Program Files (x86) that does not involve Game Manager.  I would try that to see if your Castle progress is still there.


If none of the above methods work, all is not lost . . .  BFG can move your Castle progress to a NEW Game ID when you get your new computer.  If you know your Castle Name and ID, then when you do get your new computer, you would need to start a new Castle, send a ticket to BFCS and have them move the progress from the old game to the NEW game ID.  You will lose all your Friends, and will need to Re-Invite them.  A pain in the arse, but better than having to start MC from the beginning.

Sending you a PM

XXOO ~ Dhyani

Thanks Robert!

I just ordered a new excited to get a new one! The one I am using is a dinosaur. It has a 2013 build. screamwink LOL


From: datsalotta


Congrats on a new PC. We are friends and I have been gifting the Event item on your wish list. PM me for an id no.(s) for my PC games and then we are sure to be friends again Image result for Emoji Smiley Face

Hi! I just got my new PC and haven't gotten it set up yet but I will let you know when and send you an invite. Thanks friend!!


From: datsalotta


You are welcome. Keep in touch


I am back! Same ID. I didn't lose any friends so I should be green again! relaxed Dhyani helped me to get my game back.

All is good again!


From: datsalotta