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Computer Out for Repair   Technical Issues

Started Feb-20 by Phantommom (CampingMom16); 293 views.

My computer is undergoing repairs and has been gone since Monday and don't expect to get it back until middle of next week (hopefully sooner!). My husband has me on his OLD computer and since I can't bring my MC game to this one I am in withdrawal so letting my friends know I will be back so don't worry about the gifting.  Fingers crossed it is ready sooner confused At least I can check here for any news. 

Phantommom (Pat) hibiscus

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


you could start a new game on that computer, then you would have two castles.

I had thought about that, but the thought of starting all over again was too mind boggling.  Also would I even be able to transfer this game to my computer?  Also my computer is Windows 10 and this one is Windows 7 so don't think it is possible. 

Thanks for the thought relaxed