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cutiepie broke   Technical Issues

Started Feb-27 by Robert (amf368); 280 views.
Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


It is 

my Android Cutiepie(a1283792 is broke. I have removed my wishlist, game name and avater.  the problem is with the touch location the pictures/items do not line up. This is a game only problem. I am  deleting and reinstalling the game write know. If this does not fix the problem, Cutiepie is dead!!! I am horrible at spelling and grammer. I will edit or erase this post depending on weather the problem is fixed or the game is dead.

It is now three hours later.  I have deleted and reinstalled, cleared everything. It did not erase the game id is still the same.  The screen problem is still there. The touch point does not match the picture.  The problem only effects MC and started after the update. Anyone have any idea how to fix this.

My Kindle Fire has not received the update yet. If it does the same thing after the update my Android games are done!

It is know 9:40 PM EST. My Androd kindle fire is updating, will see if it has the same screen problem as Android google.  

The problem is the item to be touched is between 1/16 and 2/16 on an inch below the touch point. How can that happen and how do i fix it.

Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)



I am holding my breath, and waiting for an update on CutiePie!! flushedgrinhear_no_evilsee_no_evilspeak_no_evil

Please let us know the status!! We all have our fingersv, eyes eyes, and toes crossed , hoping for great news!! 

Debbie wink