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Welcome! Thoughts? Questions? Wine?   Howling with the Hostess

Started 5/5/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 23928 views.

From: mdpetdoc


Here's the list. It's in the Tips, Tricks, Guides, and Advice Folder. You may need to expand the folder in order to see the Coin/Shard thread.


From: BreezyB1560


Hi mdpetdoc!

Thank you for the link but that only shows the coin/shard values of crafted items.  The list I am talking about shows all of the crafted items and the coins/items needed to craft them.  Here are the first few items:

"Crafting Guide... All Components Needed"

coin... 2,600
8 Plain Stamps(white)
1 Berserk's Ax
1 Rune of Cave Spirit
1 Map of Old Roads

coin... 4,000
8 Rare Stamps(green)
1 Avid Core
1 Ever Awake Eye
1 Steadfast Watch

6 Unusual Stamps(blue)
1 Wild Flame
1 Knight's Honor
1 Wizard's Ball


From: mdpetdoc


Found this June 2018 post from AEG 

I don't think that thread was moved/copied from the BF Forum .... most people just look up the item in their Laboratory to see what is required.

The one on the BF Forum is listed here:


From: BreezyB1560


Ahhh, ok thank you very much.  I came across a BF thread that listed all of the quests and the items that were requested for each.  Then I found this one and the ZZ listing.  I figured I could try to get ahead a little by stocking up on some of the more difficult/expensive zz items from the puzzles (when that nasty kid is feeling generous LOL)

While that's a good idea, and one I've tried on my side games, you can't actually get an item from the puzzles if you haven't reached the part in the game that requires it.  So until a character sends you for a new item, it isn't available from puzzle boy.  But, on one of my side games where I was documenting the dialog,  I was able to play up to the early 60s without opening any zzs by playing the puzzles.  But you have to reach the point where the item is asked for, then close the game, then go back in and it will be available in the puzzles.  Unfortunately, one of the updates in the early 60s levels changed the wording from "Get Blood Lotus" to "Visit the Binding Egg."  Threw my strategy right out the window because every single ZZ then needed to be opened.

Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


Small correction - once one item is asked from a HOS/ ZZ then then usually the others become available as well (except some of the items that were later added as a reward for the scene) and craft items pop up in batches rather than individually. Not sure whether that is related to opening a new level, Pinfeather quest or character quest. However there is some more planning ahead available than you think.

You very well might be right, but because I was writing down all the dialog at the time, I just filled the quests as they were given.  I didn't check to see if all the items became available at the same time but, like I said, you're probably right about that.  I didn't to any planning at all, just filled the quests as they came up.  Then I hit the brick wall of level 60 something that changed all the wording and forced me to open all my unopened zzs.  Since that game was solely to get the dialog, I wanted to play it as cheaply as possible, which is why I avoided opening the zzs in the first place.  It was all working so wonderfully until the devs threw a monkey wrench into the whole thing.  LOL LOL

BreezyB1560, I just posted an Updated Crafted Items List in the Tips, Tricks Folder.  Like I said there, it was a cut and paste job and the formatting fought me the whole way.  But the information is there and I hope it's what you wanted.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


It appears the cavalry have arrived to help.

Gotta love it when a forum runs itself!