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Health and safety of all   Messages from the Heart

Started Mar-13 by KNIMtheTOAD; 2817 views.



Now that we have a Pandemic would wide, I am sending heartfelt Hugs and wishes to all our friends. This is the one place where we can hug and hold hands safely. Prayer helps those that pray. If we all stand together in our well wishes it makes it seem less hopeless.

Love to all my friends. Due to health issues I am still in/out on my three games. 

Albert my cat is better everyday. Because they shaved one  whole side for his surgery,we went and shaved his whole body except for tale legs and mane. He is a long haired black.  His belly came in gray an curly. Vet said that is his under coat but it was a shock to see.  

Please take care of yourself , friends and loved ones. 



From: misstracy22



Take it easy, bless you for thinking of others. When you need a hug to.

So gentle hugs to you and Albert. Your curly furry friend. Hope you both feel better soon. 

Tracy cat2


From: Werecatqueen


They closed down my college next week...but they closed the public schools for two weeks...ffs even in a pandemic they treat college students like inferiors. 

Hope your cat gets better soon dearie <3 My hugs and love go out to him


From: mdpetdoc


Or maybe they consider you more responsible and mature than elementary school students. Or at least more likely to wash your hands without being told. 


From: LvlSlgr


I live in the state of Kentucky. So far we've had 11 confirmed cases. 2 in Jefferson County (Louisville area), 2 in Fayette County (Lexington area), and 7 in Harrison County. They have instituted things which will hopefully will keep the virus from spreading.

On Wednesday, among other things, the governor recommended that churches not have live worship services and only stream their worship services. Of course, people were up in arms about this saying God will protect them. However, most of the churches are complying.

On Thursday he recommended that the schools close for two week starting Monday, March 16. Jefferson County Public Schools (Louisville) was among the first to comply. They will be closed 3 weeks because the third week is the scheduled Spring Break. Many of the other school systems are doing the same. Fortunately, in some areas they are prepared for the students to participate online from home because of snow days during the winter and they will be doing this during the 2 weeks they're closed.

In the Louisville area, nearly all concerts or other activities where you would have crowds have been either canceled or postponed.

Yesterday when I placed my grocery order with Kroger there weren't any pickup slots available for Friday. I order groceries every other week on Thursday and pick them up on Friday. There are always lots of pickup slots open even if I don't order until late at night. That tells me people don't want to go into the grocery store and they're ordering online.

And for me, being a Kentuckian, the biggest thing that tells me the seriousness of this is the fact that they canceled the NCAA March Madness. I understand, but still ... WOW!!!

  • Edited March 13, 2020 5:02 pm  by  LvlSlgr

From: Moonki


Here in Ontario - indeed in all of Canada - we have had less than 200 cases at last count. Nevertheless less, the Bishops in Ontario have closed all the Anglican Churches until April - there will be decisions made then. My local hospital has cancelled all elective surgeries and sent volunteers home for the time being. The schools are on March break, and will be closed for 2 weeks more - this is because so many people travel over March break. The Governments at all levels strongly advise not leaving the country. The Universities are sending the students home.

 I feel under siege, so my deepest sympathies go to those areas in lockdown.

Everyone, please take care of yourselves, and don’t let the news frighten or depress you.

Love and hugs to all. Moonki 

In reply toRe: msg 6

From: KatieAn56


Alabama has six confirmed cases, one in the county I live in Jefferson County, Alabama. As a precaution any gathering over 500 should be postponed or canceled. The governor declared a state of emergency and closed public schools for 2 1/2 weeks. After that time period they will decide whether to keep them closed or not. Private schools make their own decision on closing. Major universities are shifting to online classes.  Many schools scheduled a spring break during this time.

Y'all please take precautions and be careful. And as Moonki said don't get depressed or frightened over this.  


Update: We now have 12 confirmed cases and 5 are in the county I live in.  Churches and synagogues are holding their services online.  We (and I'm sure other states( have drive through coronavirus testing.  

We now have 22 cases in Alabama. It's spreading quickly.  Libraries are closing, museums and zoos are closing, even the casinos are closing, events are canceled, grocery stores are empty.  Nursing home visits are restricted to end of life visitors only in a specific room, even our courts have suspended proceedings.  I worked at the District Attorneys office and it is a mix of State and County employees. The governor would let the State employees stay at home during any type of crisis or bad weather, but the County Board would make the county employees take sick, vacation or comp leave, which we thought was very unfair.

Tammy, I'm glad your employers are being safe with your and the residents' health.  Take care.

  • Edited March 16, 2020 11:53 am  by  KatieAn56

So today I returned to work, after having 3 days off, and boy have there been some changes.  I work at a nursing home and as of Thursday we locked all of our doors, except for the main entrance.  All people going into the building have to sanitize their hands and then your temperature will be taken and you will be asked some health questions.  That was Thursday, then on Friday the facility implemented a no visitor policy (except in cases of hospice or end of life care).

Here in Minnesota we have had 14 confirmed cases mostly in the southern part of the state.  However, many area events here have been cancelled.  Some city offices are closed.  Our schools are still open but the local community college shut down early for spring break.  We have the same issue as other places around the country with regards to empty store shelves.  

Please stay safe everyone...………...and look out for all those you love and those in your communities who may need a helping hand.


From: LvlSlgr


Tammy, I knew you worked at a nursing home and wondered about that. It's really a good thing that they're being so cautious.

Yes it is, keeps the residents and the staff safe.  There are other recommendations from the government today regarding communal dining and activities.  We have cancelled all group activities, but for now each area of the building is still serving meals in the dining rooms (we have 4).  We'll see how long that lasts.