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Collect 150 Morphing objects   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 3/16/20 by Katijay (Katijay46); 491 views.
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From: Susanna502MC


On my Level 66 game, finally completed the Craft 20 items challenge. Iron chests no problem. I currently have 35 locations open (including Trina). I went to every location and got 3 morphs in each one, then started again and did all the castle plus 3 in town with 3 morphs in each one. Total = 150.

It was really hard when I first started playing, but I find that the more morphs I do, the easier they are:

You are training your eyes and brain to recognize the morphs, plus you are training your brain, arm and hand to move to the right spot in time to click the morph. I don't do every one, but I try to include them as part of my normal gameplay. I realize this is not easy for a lot of people, but I just turned 69 years old and I follow a "use it or lose it" philosophy.


From: misstracy22


Lovely, I normally collect them as I go to. Some I see, others not. Some I catch others not. Bit like life really. 
Take care,