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Jd and Jdmorgan games crashed   Technical Issues

Started Mar-17 by kthreads; 1227 views.

From: kthreads


I'm not sure how long I will be unable to work my two Android games. 

Jd Kindle game and Jdmorgan Android (Chromebook) games are totally inaccessible. I'm working on trying to figure out the problem.

The Kindle one is a mystery.  jd a841148.  That game was working while I was in Salem for 2 1/2 weeks and I did gift on it when I was able to get some time; which was my father passed away and I was helping with my Mom who is very ill. When I got home, I was unable to open the game. I still don't have an answer from Big Fish CS. I may have to transfer that game.

Jdmorgan a932892 is my Chromebook game and it was working until this morning. Last night my system did a Chrome OS system update...this morning no Midnight Castle. Can't even open the game at all. I tried everything. I even did an uninstall and reinstall and still can not open the game.  If anyone has any suggestions...please toss them at me. I'm at a loss.

PC: Janet / Isadora games:  As of this am, I have no Castle Challenge. The games are fine and I'm playing, just don't have the CC...also a lot of my friends don't have an avatar showing. Yesterday more friends began having "faces" but now today...nada.

So, as you can see, I'm in sh*t shape here with my games on both Android and PC. rage rage rage


Update:  Big Fish did a PC update to "fix the bugs" and now my PC games have the CC again as well my friends now have avatars again. So, Janet and Isadora are back to normal.

My Kindle game also came back ( jd a841148 ).

However, my main Android game ( Jdmorgan a932892 ) on my Chromebook is still missing...can't open it at all. Still waiting for an answer from CS. So I'm asking that all my friends on Jdmorgan please be patient with me on that game.


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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Thanks for the update, Janet.  Saw the message on jd but wasn't sure if it meant all was well now or whether the message was before that game "acted up".  Will wait for news of your jdmorgan game.

Stay safe & well.  Take care.  It takes time to adjust to the passing of a loved one so be kind to yourself!

All the best,

Dot sunglassesearth_asia


From: Billiebug


Ever since my game on my Chromebook did a update on the 17th I haven't been able to open my game. I've sent a ticket to big fish and with no luck with them. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated


From: kthreads


Hi Billiebug,

I just got an answer back from Big Fish. They told me to do force stops on all my background/open aps (done that) and try opening the game again. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I've done everything I can think of. 
I am still getting the same message you are getting. Google responded to my "send feedback". They told me the game is supported by Google Play and Chrome OS-Android operating systems and the problem is Blue Fish.

I sent a second feedback after the last Chrome OS update (they did back to back updates), but have not heard anything from Google on that inquiry. 
I'm also at a loss. I know that Google Play / Chrome OS-Android system supports the game, I've been playing on this Chromebook for two years. I play on an Acer R11.
I'll let you know if Blue Fish has any other suggestions. 


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From: Billiebug


Thank you for the information I also have done all of those trouble shooting. I heard back from Big fish after I made my post and was told to force close all apps and retry opening the game I did no luck. I have been playing midnight castle on my Chromebook Acer R11 for over a year with problems over a million in coins, 1200 diamonds and good inventory. If I get any additional information I will let you know. Thank you for your help??



From: Billiebug


I apologize for the type o's I have been playing midnight castle on my Chromebook Acer R11 for over a year with (no) problems over a year and I don't know where the ?? came

From: kthreads


No worries... 
Ditto on the sharing of info from Big Fish. Hope we get an answer soon. I'm worried I don't even have a game anymore since they told me to uninstall and reinstall and my game is still not opening. Lost in cyber space somewhere???

Janet (jdmorgan)

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From: Woofbite


At the download before Christmas my Pixel C stopped working.  (I could click one item and then the screen would freeze).

After the trying everything Big Fish suggested without success, I even did a factory reset and downloaded a fresh game.  Still no joy so finally gave up. Disappointing after several years of play.


From: Billiebug


I'm really disappointed with big fish at the moment I bought my Chromebook just to play my game especially because of the touchscreen feature. After several request big fish has responded with troubleshooting actions and like you nothing has worked that includes a factory reset. Yesterday I received a response from big fish that actually made me shake my head to the point I wondered if the representative working on my ticket actually knows what they are doing this is what I was told yesterday.


Chris (Midnight Castle)

Mar 23, 1:35 PM PDT

Hi Billie,

Thank you for the reply.  We apologize that force closing the background apps on your device didn't help to resolve the issues in your Midnight Castle game.

After doing some research, I was able to find out that the only operating systems that Midnight Castle supports are Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS.  We do apologize, but although Chromebooks are similar to PC and Android devices, our games are not designed to work on that platform.  If you'd like to play our games on a compatible device, we recommend checking out computers and laptops, in addition to mobile phones and tablets.

Please note that as there is a large variety of devices available, we are unable to recommend any specific models, but we can suggest getting anything with these system specs or above :

  OS : Windows 10 / Android 4.0.3 or higher / iOS 9.0 or higher 
  CPU : 2.5 GHz
  RAM : 2048 MB
  Hard Drive : 20 GB

That being said, though, we recommend making sure your current device is up-to-date.  This should help resolve any issues that Midnight Castle may be having if your device is currently on an older OS.  If there are any updates, we recommend downloading and applying them, then restarting your device.  Once you have checked if your device is up-to-date, go ahead and try playing Midnight Castle again, to see if there are any further issues while playing.

    Note : The process for updating devices varies depending on your device's model.  For more info, we recommend consulting either your device's user manual or the manufacturer's support site.

We hope this helps. Thank you for your time, and have a great day.

Best wishes,


End Quote"

I did respond informing Chris (representative) that my Chromebook was a android base platform reminding him that my game id a1279846 was android... I haven't heard anything else. It looks like I'm going to have to buy a new tablet. I have over a million in coins, 1200 diamonds and a very good inventory stock. I'm really really  disappointed  I love this game. I thought I would share my experience.


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