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Game hangs up when deleting a gift?   Technical Issues

Started Mar-19 by Berniesdad; 544 views.

From: Berniesdad


Hello, MC players, et al.  Am I alone with the glitch where my game hangs when I try to delete a gift from my list?  I’m on iPad latest release and this has been going on for a loooong time.  I have to exit from the game and reopen it, and most of the time the gift I tried to remove from my list will be gone and I can return to the game as normal.  
Just curious if anyone else has seen this. 
Thanks all and stay safe out there.  Wash your hands and stay away from “strangers”.  We will all get through this is we all play by the rules.



From: SueWallace


This happens to me a lot on my PC as well, so you are not alone.
Don't know why, and I have been too lazy to report it.


From: LvlSlgr


Berniesdad, this is a glitch that has been around for a long time. I'm on PC and this is how I get around not having to restart the game. I don't if this works for the IOS platform.

If the item doesn't delete after I click on it, then I immediately close out my giftlist. When I open it again the item is gone. If I don't close the giftlist and click on it a second time then it causes the game to freeze and I have close the game and reopen it. So I've learned not to do that.

Good luck!


From: bajon


This method also works for me on IPad Pro.

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From: Woofbite


Ditto.  Just  click on the master list of items and back again and the deleted gift is gone. 


From: Moonki


I pay on my iPad and have the same problem - I exit and reload the game. I’ll try the above suggestions. Tanks, Moonki 


From: Susanna502MC


It seems to be the click after the gift doesn't disappear that causes the freeze. If the gift doesn't go, then back to the friends page. If it still doesn't go, then close the friends page and then go back in. That seems to do it. Just watch and don't do that second click.

Same here.  This problem has been around for a very long time.  But as LvlSlgr suggested, it probably isn't necessary to close out your game.  Just close the gifting, then go back in.  You'll see the unwanted gift in the slot go blank.