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DQs and Trina Quests   Achievements and Musings

Started 5/5/18 by Cookie (GulfGuppy); 127629 views.

From: pclark200


Over at the old forum (I think) some people were saying that their daily quests seemed to be stuck in a never ending loop of the same quests. Now I am one of the "loopers." I haven't had a three part quest since the Spring event ended, and keep getting the same two 10 parters and same 5 part quest. boring!

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PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


I had hope that now that I have the 3 - part DQ Achievement the Developers would kindly introduce a little sub-routine program so that in future they only give me the 5 - or 10 - part DQs.

Not so!

So this will slow up my questing considerably!


From: DofNY


Today on Android got the 10 part Something New.  Which is easy excpet for all the airships.  I hit the first one and it wanted 120 wheels and of course only gave me 117 so waited overnight, slept too late this morning and just hit the 2nd that wants 150 and have to wait for the four hours to run out before trying because I'm being cheap and not spending 12 diamonds.  Hopefully, it'll go fast after that.

Yes, I know I should know what's coming by now and/or look at the nifty list that tells but life's just too short.  If I get down to 6 or 7pm and it's not finished, that's when I'll spend the diamonds to clear it out.

I swear the 10 part are designed to make you spend diamonds!  Thank God I didn't waste an amulet.

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


If you start a DQ but do not finish it, I have noticed it usually will give you the same one again. To complete the 10 part one's I always have to use diamonds or/and an amulet(sometimes takes both to complete). When  I need to use a amulet, I plan ahead and make sure I have a least an hour to play.  

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From: Bemused12


Reached level 2 of the 5 part DQs achievement today.  I know I was ignoring them for a long time but at this rate it will take me 12 years to get to 500. LOL

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From: DofNY


Well, I got one more 10 part and one more 3 part done on the Android.  Forgot to jot down the names of them though.  2 easy ones.  No airship on the 3 parter.  Yay!


From: DofNY


Exactly what I do, evening is my main play time and I wait 'til then and nothing like spending an amulet and hitting those send airships.  Then I don't hesitate to bring the diamonds back.  Lest on PC.  Last night, I confess I shrugged and used the amulet on my main quest but I was towards the end of the 10 parter and knew I could finish today.

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From: DofNY


Just Birth of Goo on Android today.

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From: lilredhood51


I'm not much of a player of either of these. I tend to forget that they are there.

on pc

key master 5/500

ace 50/200

shards 10,877/50.000

500 daily done

12/50 three part

2/50 five part

5/10 10 part

on android which I have been playing  more lately

ace assistant 10 (which I just got today)

12/50 keys

3945/50.000 shards

11/50 three part

none for five part

one ten part quest

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From: DofNY


Today and yesterday, got Inspiration.