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Am looking for friends for events, etc :)   Friends

Started Mar-20 by Honeyphan; 485 views.

From: Honeyphan


Hello dear Delphi - MC players! :)

I have some really awesome friends - thank you to each and every one - but am looking for more friends for the seasonal events, so as to ransack your private rooms as you may ransack mine.  ;-) (Though I still have some slots open for regular gifting friends too, if wanted) -

Please PM me if interested in any of the above. ( I play on PC )

To my current friends - Once the season event begins, I will alternate with both spring room 1 (the outdoor terrace) and spring room 2 (the 3 HOS) - here is my plan: I will start with spring room 1, and at the next game day turnover (7 pm CST) I will switch to spring room 2. I will alternate each day in that fashion, will also (try to remember to) add it to my card, stating which room is currently open. I hope this will work for everyone! :)

If anyone has any better ideas how to go about this (this is my first season event) - I am open to hear them!


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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi Honey,

I, too, shifted between Room 1 & Room 2 last Spring Event.  At first I tried to keep to a time but I wasn't always online at that time.  In the end I settled for doing the HOS in one Room (say Room 1) and then switching to Room 2 & doing the HOS there.  I left that room open until the next day.  When I got time to play next day, I did the HOS in the open room (in the scenario Room 2) and then opened the other room (in this case Room 1) and did the HOS.  I then left that room open until the following day.  I could not keep to a certain time so I settled on alternating the rooms when I did the HOS.  It might not suit everyone but it was the best I could do. Will probably do the same this Spring Event unless the developers have something else in store for us.

Also sent you a PM re Event Friends.

Have fun in the castle.

Dot  sunglasses  earth_asia


From: Honeyphan


Thank you so much, Dot - I will keep all that in mind, if my idea doesn't work out.

I'm on the computer pretty much all the time - morning, noon, and night - (both my work and my entertainment stems from it, with short breaks away to do the grungy things like housework, and exercise - lol) -so I don't think I'll have a problem. So far I've always been on during the turnover, but if it should happen that I'm not (away from comp, visiting with family, for instance) - I'll just jump on when I can. :) But I think I'll also do that - the HOS from the day before and then do the switch - so it won't always be on the dot of the rollover. I had thought to play the extra HOS after midnight, when fewer people are on (and it wouldn't affect anyone who was needing to visit the next room) - but I like your idea better!  :)