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Game crashes after update on my Chromebook    Technical Issues

Started Mar-22 by Billiebug; 240 views.

From: Billiebug


Ever since my game on my Chromebook did a update on the 17th I haven't been able to open my game. I've sent a ticket to big fish and with no luck with them. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated 


From: Playbelle


That's a long time for no reply.  Usually they've gotten back to me in within 72 business hours.  First I would try sending a polite follow up message reminding them how long you've been waiting and that you'd like to know how soon you can expect a solution.  Sometimes they do reply quickly to a follow up message.

If you're just done waiting, you could try the next step on your own. 

The next thing I would try is uninstalling the update. That's low risk and there's a chance it could work.  That's best case scenario.  If you do get in to the game, write down your own Friend ID and the IDs of your current friends.  Store that list somewhere you won't lose it.  

If that didn't work I might try restoring the computer to an earlier point.  I usually create a new restore point before I allow my computer to install updates.  So you know, you should definitely create a Recovery Drive before you do a System Restore.  It's rare, but if a System Restore glitches before completing, the computer might not even start without the recovery drive (you just need a minimum 16G USB Drive to create a recovery drive).  I would not recommend doing a System Restore unless you have created a Recovery Drive.

Another option:  I'm not sure this will work quite the same on Chromebooks as it does on a standard PC laptop (because Chromebooks are more in the cloud), but I would recommend uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it.  

Reinstalling the game might automatically solve everything, but then again, it might start you back at Level 1.  If it does take you back to Level 1, hopefully you wrote down your Friend ID somewhere.  If so, they should be able to get your game, achievements and inventory all back (but not your friends, because that's tied to your old ID and you would have a new ID).

Reinstalling the game is a risk (especially if you don't know your Friend ID), but unless you want to give tech support more time, I'm not aware of any other options other than the ones I have shared.

Sorry about your game glitch.  Been there.  Several times over the years.

Good luck!  relaxed


From: Billiebug


Thank you for your help

I have done a reset and power wash and uninstalled and reinstalled my game with no luck. I'm going to issue a new ticket with hopes that I get a different representation 



From: Playbelle


You're welcome.  Sure wish I could have given you the magic answer.  

Good luck with the new ticket!