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Game crashes after update on my Chromebook    Technical Issues

Started 3/22/20 by Billiebug; 620 views.

From: kthreads


I don't know if you are still around, but I downloaded MC through Google Play Store on my Chromebook (Acer R11) and it opened this time. 

I had them transfer that game to an old Kindle with a fractured screen (I placed a hard plastic screen protector on it to be able to use it) and have been playing my game on that. But the Kindle is slow... I kept going into the Play Store and downloading MC on my Chromebook every so often with the same results of it never opening... then tonight on a lark since there have been a lot of updates, I decide to try again. And it worked. 

Now I just have to wait the weeks it will take to transfer my game back from the Kindle (which I will no close out-just in case) to my Chromebook. 
Just thought I'd reach out to see if you were still hanging in there of if you transferred your game to a different device...or just left altogether. 
Hope you're still around.

Janet Rehfeldt