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Roll Call!   Welcome!

Started 3/23/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 348511 views.

From: Motom70


I recall in the first forum, spam was thicker than a solid lead wall.  Here, it is so much nicer.  Thank you for all you do, TinyFaerie!


From: TinyFaerie


Well Thank You. It's a breeze to deal with the spam here as its is long times in between that we even get it and as soon as I see it gone like the wind. :)


From: alliebdive


Guys...!!!!!!  come on, cut the devs a break.  If the game is a little bit slow in places today thats because EVERYONE is downloading the new update!  I've been playing it off and on all morning and everything has worked fine, no problems at all.  The Halloween room which has never yet been used is there.... be careful you don't pick it instead of the following room which is the new Christmas room.  And there are new puzzles, so dont forget to get one of them activated.  I've been swapping presents with friends this morning - no problem - and also putting presents in sacks and getting presents in my sack.  

Come and join in.  

allie b

I'm sorry, but no, I will not give them a break.  They've had 2 full months to figure out what's wrong with the game and fix it.  But they did nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  This is the standard Christmas update; there was absolutely nothing done to address the instability problems of the October 4 update.  I've been playing this game from its beginning and I've never seen it so unstable.

I lost my game with the October 4 update.  It was more or less restored, but I haven't played it since then.  Waiting for that all-important update that would fix everything.  Personally, I thought it very peculiar that only one update was being planned for December.  Given the major problems many players had after downloading the October update, why wouldn't the devs present an update to fix those issues first, BEFORE throwing out an Event update?

Now I know why.  There is no fix for the October 4 issues, they just threw up the Christmas update and hoped for the best.

This game is incredibly unstable and it's just a matter of time before it's done.


From: alliebdive


Sorry but how do you know they've done nothing?  Surely what they've done is just roll all those things into one large stable upgrade release. They clearly couldn't solve the problems in time for the Halloween release although they said that was already coded so they've sorted the problems and put Xmas in.....  My game has been stable today.  Has anyone else's kept failing after the upgrade today????? 


From: Abel123


Still haven't got the upgrade.


From: alliebdive


If your game manager is updated. Go into tools settings and switch to manual update.  Then Search for update and it will be found and you can apply it. 


From: LadyAstra



        If you try to find the update manually and it still does not appear, you may have had a glitch which has happened to several of us with this update.  Try the manual update technique, and if it doesn't work, we can walk you through the next steps.


Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


All I did is opening the game and it updated itself!

Cookie (GulfGuppy)

From: Cookie (GulfGuppy)


alliebdive said:

Has anyone else's kept failing after the upgrade today????? 

Yep! "Please wait" is ever present and actually longer than "normal" especially opening gifts.  My main game froze with no way to close it but a hard shutdown of the laptop.