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Roll Call!   Welcome!

Started 3/23/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 54797 views.

From: CzoeMC


Moonki said:

too many books to read

Yeah, that's my problem also. Once getting into a GOOD book, get so involved, it is hard to fall asleep and have vivid dreams. But those dreams seem so real, that I have to make a cue to wake up, when it seems too scary.


From: AussieSweet


Not to support the WHO, but as with any new virus it's hard to know everything straight away. The virus is in the same category as the flu, so the spread is similar. A lot of it (the spread) also depends on the circumstances - if a person has a weak immune system, or a strong one, what is the load of the virus that person has, how is the building ventilated, how many other people are in close proximity and for how long, are they talking, laughing, singing, or silent. All these contributes to how the virus will spread. Scientists are normal people like everyone else, we learn every day what else the virus has in store. Hence, the recommendations change. But some things are constant - keep your distance, cover your mouth and nose if sneezing or coughing, wash your hands with soap for at least 20 sec, stay home if unwell. Those have never changed and they would work even without a mask. The mask is necessary when the distancing is not possible, or if you are in a small enclosed space with bad ventilation/no outside air. And, of course, I'm talking about a proper N95/99 mask, not a surgical one.

Actually, I do eat very little meat. Mostly veggies & cheese. I like the salt around the door idea, though! LOL

Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


Yea, Tiny, I'm in Texas also, Austin in fact, and it is amazing how ignorant these people are. Not only not wearing their masks, but getting into fights, when business owners, or other people with a double digit IQ, confront them about it. This is not a game. Those that know me here on MC know even though I'm 65 chronologically, I'll never leave my 20's in my soul. Still ride my Harley everyday, still work full time...etc. But being 65, and having open heart surgery, and some other stuff, means chances are, I get Coronavirus, I die, not just get ill.

That being said, it translates to these ignorant fools are playing with MY life. Can't stand that.         Riddler


From: butch53


The CDC has never varied from the recommendations of Wear face covering (although the home made cloth mask is about as effective as a bandanna),OR stay 6 feet apart.  The politicians are mandating masks, even outside and staying 6 feet apart.  If you are concerned, then wear a real mask.  If someone near you does not have a mask, it should NOT affect you.  You are protected, they are not.

And as to the term "social distance" needs to go away.  I have never been MORE social than during this pandemic.  It is Physical distance that needs to be maintained.  The media has done their job.  Made everyone so fearful of everything, that they will accept anything that is forced upon us.  I am NOT saying the virus is a hoax, but the overall affect is only worst than the flu.  100 years ago, the flu was a pandemic, today, we do not even give it a second thought, however, it still kills 60,000 people every year. 

Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


Thanks for the reply Butch, very accurate, and valid. What I'm talking about is the shoulds, probably 's and so on. And I do wear very good masks, and gloves every time I leave my property. But nothing is known or reported on that is for sure. How far is it airborne, their not sure, and yes the overall is worse than the flu, and I went through the first time the swine flu, and all the others hit, and it was not as bad, or as deadly as Corona. And I was much younger then. And besides being mentally about 20 something as I mentioned before, I am physically 65, and statistically most likely to be dead from this, not just get ill. So I still say the people who are playing with this are playing with MY life, mainly because of the uncertainties that surrounds Corona, and not erroring on the side of safety for others. So to sum it up, your points are well taken, accurate  at this time, and knowledgeable, I just want people to be as safe as possible for themselves, AND spreading it, because I don't want to of lived, and finally gotten to this point of my life, just to die because of the ignorance of others. I am  trades (HVAC, Electrical) instructor, and 50 year biker, and would like to remain that way for a long time yet. Thanks Butch, stay safe, storm the Castle.     Riddler.  (Road name also)

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From: Marcia68


I most totally agree Riddler , You don't know me but this is so so serious !! I'm 68 and i can't really deal with these Crazy and i mean CRAZY !  people. You're talking about peoples lives.

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From: Marcia68


What i'm talking about is these crazy ass people who don't care about anyone or anybody. I have witnessed people coming up on people intentionally and coughing  and doing all kinds of stuff . There are people out there that don't care about making other people SICK,