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Doing the Rounds   Achievements and Musings

Started Mar-23 by Susanna502MC; 501 views.

From: Susanna502MC


I understand the logic behind doing the rounds. I have even advised people on the forum to do the rounds. But personally, I just can't get into it. No easy explanation. It's like going for a walk. No problem if I'm going somewhere, but just walking for the sake of walking doesn't do it for me. I have discovered though that I really enjoy doing the side quests. So I am working on building up my inventory and coins on my Level 70 game and will do the same with my Level 88 game as soon as I get the 20 crafted items (saving my medallions for the 15 craft in 60 minute challenge).

I'm with you on the whole rounds thing.  I remember when we only had open through Ice Rock and had to play and play and play to earn coins, which was compounded by waiting for the HOSs to re-energize.  Those were the days where zoom zones actually used crafted items to open!  LOL LOL

I'm so glad the holiday events began because that's what enabled me to earn enough to continue playing.


From: LvlSlgr


I used to do the rounds faithfully until ... I'm sure you guessed it ... until we started getting shards/coins instead of inventory every time. I didn't mind doing the rounds because I could really stock up on the inventory. But after we started getting shards/coins I just can't make myself do it. I might get through all the rooms in the Castle but that's about as far as I get.

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From: Susanna502MC


One of the reasons I opened additional games is so I don't have to wait for cool-downs. I just go to another game. I have Level 22, Level 66, Level 70, and Level 88.

WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


I'm with you on all that. I just can't do it without having a reason. I uite like the blue key quests, they at least give me a reason to do things, but mostly I don't play much between new content updates, challenges and events. Fortunately there are enough of them to keep me playing quite a bit.

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Theo (TheoMC)

From: Theo (TheoMC)


Same here!!

I also did the merry-go-round for many many many months/years as I needed coins and items.

Just like you, I stopped when the coins/shards started dropping (oh so often), but mainly when the private rooms started having HOS paying so nicely (and still giving an airship item, vely vely important!). Now that I am fine with coins, the only one that can get me to play HOS seriously (outside DQs, CCs and events) is Trina!

I am personally not playing Side Quests much any longer. I find they eat up my inventory and I don't need those keys. But I agree they give a goal at least!