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Another way to get more shards   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Mar-24 by Howdah (smitcheltree); 673 views.

I started the Ice Breath thread, which has since gone viral. Last fall I lost my game. The devs were able to give me back my estimated coins and diamonds, and level, but not my shards or achievements. Which means I need to do MM again. I am not working seriously on it yet, still doing seasonal achievements, etc., but will be soon. I have not requested Ice Breath yet, will do once I get serious about the achievement. One thing I am doing is crafting like crazy. I have made a list of craft items and item requirements, which cost 1000 coins or less and yield at least 20 shards. I have printed out the list and place it in plastic page protectors. I use dry erase markers, and go through the lab. I cross off the items I need to craft the next item. I mostly do puzzles to get the items, but it would work if you would rather do ZZs and HOS. I cross them off as I get them and make a tally by the name of the item. Then when I need to craft items for a DQ or CC I look at my pages and pick ones that I know I have to do. Then I erase the tally mark. Once I get through all of the items, I go to the lab and start over. I keep my pages in a report folio that has brads to hold the pages. 

I am including my list. It is pretty much up to date, but I find myself adding to it. I have placed an asterisk (*) by the items that do not require coins. I have put a number in parenthesis by some of the items that are used in more than one of the craft items. For example, I need 3 hyena chains go get through the entire list. This may not be complete as I keep finding things that are repeats. 

If you are not yet at level 98 you will not be able to access all of these craft items. 

Whenever I go through the list I find that I have used some of the items in ZZs, but have gained some on Wheel of Fortune, ZZs and doing DQs. I don't bother trying to update my list as I go. Not perfect, but it works well. 


From: hoggamer


I wrote to you a PM about IB.  When you are ready, sent me an invite and I will help gift you.  Since I've been more public and titled my name- thanks Tiny Faire, I've gotten more invites.  I play as Lorie/hoggamer. ID 762324

I will consider more friends when I am ready to get serious about the MM challenge. Right now I have a good number of friends, but some have been inactive for a while. If I decide do drop some inactive friends I will ask you. 


From: hoggamer


That is ok by me. Whenever you are ready. I feel getting too many friends, someone gets lost between the cracks unless they are just event friends and no gifts. 


From: anglegirl70


I play as anglegirl70 on PC.  ID # 727842. When you get ready to start your MM achievment, if you want send me a friend request and I will be glad to trade IB's with you.  I have had so many people helping me since I started mine.  It seems to go so much faster.    Sandy