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Started Mar-29 by Manxcat419; 498 views.

From: Manxcat419


Just wanted to let you all know I am still here.  I've been jumping in on the game when I've had a chance, but only just enough to complete the Castle Challenge.  I'm currently in the middle of my final externship for my degree - 40 hours a week in clinic, about another 15 traveling and as many hours as I have left completing write ups and evidence collection to prove I've completed the required skills.  Hoping to be able to play more in another few weeks once this is all done!


Hi Manxcat: 

That is Awesome!  Your degree is the most important thing!  Hooray for you.  We will all be waiting for you when you finish.  Let me know if you need anything for your game when you get back.



From: P1tbull


Awesome stuff. I'm now back doing postgrad study this year and can't say as I'm enjoying being a student again haha. Good luck with your studies, the hard work will all pay off once you complete! relaxed


From: Manxcat419


I'm an older student as it happens - I chose to change career, which requires a new qualification and a degree course.  Definitely tough going at times, but the finish line is in sight now, finally.  Good luck with your studies too! 


From: Susanna502MC


Glad to hear the game is providing you with a break from your studies. You're never too old to make a change.


From: P1tbull


I'm in the same boat as you with changing career but can't say as I envy you doing a degree and am glad mine is behind me. However, I'm not entirely thrilled about doing postgrad either. I'll be done mid November and it can't come soon enough LOL