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Will there be an Spring Event?   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Mar-29 by P1tbull; 2238 views.

From: P1tbull


I read this morning Moscow is going into lockdown and if my memory serves me correctly, MC is made in Russia? Assumingly if we are going to get it, it will be released in about a weeks time or so? Just thinking out loud more than anything here, maybe we can place bets on whether the SE goes ahead haha.


From: loopykaren


Im not a betting person. Unless its for a virtual thing lol. Please say the Spring event will go ahead. 

As im going stir crazy mad here in Scotland. 

All my cousins and i had a group chat tonight. We are just having to get on with it here. We are a very close family here and its so difficult to keep apart  One of them is a NHS nurse. This is her first time off in months. My own kids are in self isolation from myself and their dad. They were all working, and had studies and stuff when this broke out. So they dont want to take the chance of being near us. I still dont understand why this wasnt very high risk at the start? As my thoughts were at the time after watching China Spain and Italy outbreak being so bad. This is a strange one to me. Its as if this virus peaks to get rid of the weak in health. Or am i being paranoid? (When im in doubt the fridge door gets opened and the wine gets pulled out lol)


From: P1tbull


Yeah I totally hear ya. We just had our first death yesterday here in New Zealand.  We aren't even one week into lockdown yet and I completely forgot what day it was the other day (not that it mattered LOL). Would be nice to to have the SE to help kill some time.


From: Honeyphan


I have no idea how things are run by the devs in Russia (or anywhere for that matter) - but my feeling is that they would carry on as usual and launch from home if they are issued a stay-in-place order. I would think they have personal computers and software to be able to work from home, since most of their work in making these games is all done on the computer...

Just my thoughts. :)

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


I just hope they are well!


From: Wendulka


I really need this spring challenge to distract me. Work is insanely stressful and draining right now, and that's just the beginning, my mum is in a nursing home on lockdown dying alone and confused about why we abandoned her because no one is allowed in, no end of this pandemic or any normalcy in sight, honestly i need this event..


From: Woofbite


Since MC has had a spring event in prior years I would have thought they have a program

module that can just be uploaded once again for the event.

Must not be that simple.


From: Wendulka



I don't really know how aby games work but i have noticed the annual events are not exactly the same. Maybe half the creatures are same like previous years and half different, maybe the daily challenges are not exactly the same


From: CindyK65


I really believe the spring event will be released this weekend. At least I’m hoping!


From: anglegirl70


I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through this with your mom with all this other stuff going on.  We are going through the same thing here in Michigan.  They are giving them suggestions to call and talk to their loved ones over the phone.  It's not the same but hopefully it will help some.  My prayers are with you.  Just remember God knows the big picture and He is still in control.  I pray that He sends His love and comfort to you and your family.        God Bless,      Sandy