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I don't understand this one...   Technical Issues

Started Apr-3 by Katijay (Katijay46); 635 views.

My game name for my main game is Kay...I have the Spring Room 4 open on my game, but when I went to my lower level game it is showing Spring Room 2, when I did a check before this event started it was showing Spring Room 4...I closed the game and reopened, but it did not if you are friends on my main game and that Spring room 2 is showing, please let me know...I really don't know what to do about this...


From: Myelle01


Hi Katijay

Try this. Open your higher game’s 2nd spring room and make a change there. Close the Private rooms then go back in there and change back to the Spring room 4. Now check your lower level game to see if it changed.

Thankyou that worked...I just found out my sister is having the same issue, but I haven't got her on the forum yet...I am just wondering how many other people maybe having the same issue...

When I went through my lower level list I found a few that had shown Spring Room 4 before the event they will probably have to do the same thing I did...


From: AEGram


Unfortunately, there's a glitch when changing rooms during an event....sometimes the old room "sticks" and is displayed to your friends...while the new selection displays in your own private room.

To be sure you're displaying the room you want to display....when you change to a different room....activate the slots in that newly selected room....make some change (like backspace out the last part of your room name and then just re-type what you had there before.

That will cause the newly selected room to display to your friends.

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From: CzoeMC


I applaud your knowledge here! As usual, you are a master.

(Not that I had a problem, but you are the BEST at explaining)

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