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Silver Faerie Spring 2020 Event updated   Friends

Started Apr-3 by ElouiseM0; 655 views.

From: ElouiseM0


For the friends of Silver Faerie, I have updated my PC game to the newest update for the Spring Event 2020. Since the 3rd quest in the Castle Challenge is to search the Spring Terrace room 10 times, I will leave that room up until the next quest opens, then revert my room to the new Spring room in order that friends might be able to receive the necessary items for the two new pets. Good luck to you all. blue_heart


From: LynetteStarr


Hi ElouiseMO!  

I just had to have my game transferred to a new computer - the old one crashed.  I didn't know there was a new update - nothing showed up when the game uploaded to this computer.  Is the newest update available now?  I've been impatiently awaiting that update! lol   Please add me as a friend.  I lost all my friends in the transfer. :-(    New pets?  That's exciting!  Looking forward to hearing from you!


From: WildOneN3w


I still don't see the update! BFG is no help! How did you update the game on your PC?

Check the Game Manager for the update.  This update brought us the Spring Event,  but there was no added storyline content in this update.  So if you have a bunny sitting at the dice table then you have the Spring Event.