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So which Spring Room do the devs consider to be the "Spring Terrace"?   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Apr-4 by Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1); 1753 views.

Spring Room 1...that looks like a back yard...


From: AEGram


Of the 4 Spring Rooms, the single HOS inside Spring Room 1is called the Spring Terrace.

Those inside the Spring Room 2 are called: Enchanted Clock; Easter Basket; Easter Tea Party

There are no HOSs inside the Spring Room 3

The HOS inside the new spring room (Spring Room 4) is called Cherry Blossom Creek

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tesskw (teresakw)

From: tesskw (teresakw)


I don't understand "spring room 3". As you said AEGram there are no HOSs yet almost half of my friends have chosen that one to display.  Grrrr



From: mdpetdoc


Give them a few days. They don't know the spring event has started.

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I was wondering which one will apply to the CC task


From: WelshShelley


I can't download the update on my Ipad.

But I think I left the Spring Room with the Fairy in it, leaving a message like "Isolating"

I know of a couple of others with Ipads are having the same problem as me, and can't download any updates.

Pretty soon our Names on on our Friend's Lists will have a red mark against it. If it hasn't happened already.  Maybe one of my friends can enlighten me.


Welsh Shelley

TJ (StarBlazes)

From: TJ (StarBlazes)


Hi Welsh, your still showing as green and the room your in is the Spring room 3. I’m sure you’ll be fine though anyone reading about your issues will know why I for one would definitely not let you go as a friend. blush I really do hope your issues get resolved soon though I hate that your missing out now that the event has gone live. Keep us updated and stay safe.

The Devs MAY have used the Text from the FIRST Spring Event that had a Private Room (I think it was the 2nd or 3rd one)

IF that is the case, MAYBE, just MAYBE, they mean ANY Spring HOS, not just the Spring Terrace HOS.

When there was only ONE Spring Room available, it made sense . . . BECAUSE THERE WAS NO OTHER OPTION.

BUT now that there are THREE different Spring Rooms with HOS's, our ability to play 10 Spring Terrace Scenes is dependent upon what OTHER Friends have up.  If you're doing the CC, and if John doesn't have Spring Room ONE up, and NONE of your Friends have SR1 up, well, it will take ten DAYS to do that CC Task.  

I'm not doing the CC, but here's a thought, Jenny (or ANY of my Friends who are CCing for that matter) on that Spring Terrace HOS day, visit one of MY Castles first (Rm 4), Exit the Private Room, check your CC page . . . and see if it counts.  Then we will have our answer. AND REPORT IT HERE!!!

My gut tells me it will work.

Fingers, legs and eyes crossed for all you CCers!!!

XXOO ~ Dhyaniboom


From: CindyK65


Hi, Dhyani, That makes a lot of sense and not many have a better understanding of this game than you. I will change my games to Room 1 when this challenge comes up and believe a lot of other players will do the same. In fact, for at least the first week, I’m switching my games between 1 & 4 to help build some inventory from these scenes. Take care and stay safe!