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Old Friends   Friends

Started Apr-4 by Bingo (manybears); 93 views.
Bingo (manybears)

From: Bingo (manybears)


I have several friends who have been inactive for quite some time.  I'm still holding on to them, but would like to know if any have just simply stopped playing.  I don't expect to hear from every one but if you could send me a new request, I'll make sure you are on my current list.  I just read a post by Sue B (you are one friend that has displayed a red heart for some time.).  If you still want to be part of my list, please send a new request.  Any others who have or have had Bingo, please do the same....send a request.  That way I'll know that you are still playing.  My player number is 156841.  

Looking forward to hearing from you.