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Delphi's Friend and Private Message Features   Technical Issues

Started Apr-5 by This is my nickname! (Kidmagnet); 1376 views.

Many people are having problems sending/returning Private Messages to other members.

On Delphi if you accept the Friend Request of another member the only real change to anything is that that member will be able to send/reply to Private Messages to you. It does not do anything else. If I have requested you as a Friend (or to Follow) please accept it (and feel free to request it of me if we are not friends).

On your Preference page there is a section asking you to accept or deny Member to Member email.  Delphi no longer allows members to email others through its system so this solely refers to the Private Messages here on Delphi. 

If you have deselected this you will still be able to SEND private messages to those on your Friends list and for anyone who as selected to receive Member to member email.

HOWEVER if that person is not on your Friends List, they will not be able to reply or send you Private Messages.

(bolding is being used to highlight, not shout at you all lol)

Step one - Click on my name in the header of this message. If it says Stop Following we are friends, do nothing further. If it says Follow - please click in it and request me as a Friend.

Delphi is full of glitches - if you have already done all you can and still cannot PM somoen please reply t me here or in a PM and I will do my best to help you out.

Happy Sunday please stay home and safe heart

In reply toRe: msg 1

Hi there can you please read the message above and either make the change to your preferences allowing Member to Member email (email=private messages) or accept my Friend request to I can PM you. 

If you have any questions please post them to me here as I am currently unable to send you PMs

Just a FYI Delphi's system has a flaw and it allows you (or anyone) to SEND private messages even if you are dissallowing them. However unless someone is on your friends list they cannot reply or send you a PM.

Hope you are well and safe! heart

In reply toRe: msg 2


Please if you have a moment and might please respond to Kid’s above message? You will understand why she is unable to send a PM, and I continue to be able to send you a PM, even in response to the one you sent me!!

Thank you so very much Kid for helping to explain this glitch on Delphi!! kissing_heart



From: Honeyphan


Thank you so much for this! For those members I was never able to PM, I never hit follow, only went to their profile and hit add as friend - maybe that is why it still didn't work for me...

Follow and Add Friend are the same but the other person has to accept the request before you can add them.


From: Honeyphan


Ah, okay- that makes sense. :)

I had hit "add as friend" and immediately tried to PM them - no wonder it didn't work! lol

Just letting you know that I just sent a PM to someone I have never sent one to before and she replied.  Neither she nor I have put in a friend request to each other.  

Do you both have member to member email selected in your preferences? That allows anyone to send you a PM.

I have it selected, not sure about the person I sent the PM to.  Your previous post mentioned having to click the "follow" option and I've never done that with anyone, and I've never had an issue sending/receiving PMs.  

Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom) said:

I've never done that with anyone, and I've never had an issue sending/receiving PMs.

This works if one of you is choosing to NOT receive Member to Member email. You would request to Follow or Friend them (same things) and they would accept. Then it overrides the "Not Accepting Private Messages"