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Please Use Spring Room 2    Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Apr-8 by BooKitty89; 618 views.

From: BooKitty89


A friendly request to friends to use Spring Room 2 as well as 1 and 4.  The reason being SR2 has 3 HOS scenes and the rest only one.  And SR1 only cashes out 50 coins.  Thanks everyone.



From: Susanna502MC


I had mine on Room 1 to give people doing the CC a chance. Just went through all my rooms and discovered about half are on Room 4 and about 1/3 on Room 1. Hardly any on Room 2. So I switched that game to Room 2. Will keep an eye on my other games. Once people have the new pets they will probably switch to Room 2.

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Not necessarily so ---- personally, I am very tired of playing Room 2, especially the clock. So Room 4 would be my choice ---- simply because it is something different.

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


Me too, and the room is very beautiful.

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From: Eaglebeak904


I am also confused why not everyone is in room 2 for the $$.

Boredom?  Come on it’s $500 more for EACH friend you visit.  Well at least after you play all your friends you can put yours back on 2 so all your friends can get the mooola.  I am sure they won’t mind the boredom.

i have spent way too much $$ on coins when I have had times that I needed $15,000 Per new area and had 5 or 6 needing open at the same time..... I’ll take the $$ anytime.  Ya I agree the clock just sucks but ...........   such is life. ( I would have wrote that in the famous French saying but would have slaughtered the spelling.)

Anyway have fun playing, I am, and am loving the spring event.  I look so forward to the seasonal events, especially Xmas.


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From: AEGram

Apr-10 intention is to not try to tell others what room to is purely a personal choice. But here's info about each room:

1. Spr Rm 1 .....Has the Spring Terrace only; receive 50 coins when maxed......has Bow Tie, Top Hat, Rattle, Recipe Book for 2016 Spring Pets (Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Chimney Sweep, Cook). These are all stellar pets to have. ......From the room, you get ONLY the items for the pets or a coin bundle/shard as alternative. Each of the pet items are worth 3 shards each .....which is important for those who want to keep doing Trina's quests.

2. Spr Rm 2.... Has 3 HOSs; receive 250 coins from each when maxed..... receive upon completion: Shell, Playing Card, Pocket Watch, Carrot (for Card Guard, Humpty Dumpty, White Rabbit -- 2018 pets) --- again, each item (except for Carrot) are worth 3 shards each 

3. Spr Rm 3....Has zero, zip, nada, not one HOS .... nothing to be gained from entering and displaying that room other than to display a pretty room. It offers no help to friends as they try to either gather items to craft pets or additional coins.

4. Spr Rm 4....Has 1 HOS; receive 250 coins when maxed....receive upon completion: Painted Egg, Flower Basket, coin bundle, 1 shard......And, about 50% of the time I get the coins or shard. (Of note, when checking the "i" only the Painted Egg and Flower Basket display as what can be received) 

For those players who are working on the current CC task to gather 10 Carrots.....and want to get them to keep rather than exchange them with friends....your best bet is to enter as many SprRm1 and SprRm2 HOSs as you can FIRST...... You will either get an item for crafting a pet OR a Carrot....sometimes you also get a carrot instead of one of the items that can be traded with the kiddos.....I've actually gotten 2 carrots from one single room. It was easy peasy to get the required 10 carrots on my iPad game tonight.

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From: Moonki


My MC day starts at 8p.m. Eastern time - I’m in Ontario Canada. I plan on switching my Roos when the day changes, in order 1-2-4 I hope this helps my friends. Thanks for the info on what each room gives. Moonki