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Anabel and the Knight   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 5/5/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 34334 views.
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Vampire or not, she possessed a good, hardy soul full of strength and courage incomparable in her world.  Almost all her life she adroitly managed her blood thirst…partly from a longing to fit in and partly from fear.  She loved a werewolf, who through sheer will alone, kept his ferocious side tamed.  Together they produced the most wonderful child who had inherited all the strength, compassion and wisdom each parent possessed.  Now all Anabel was thinking about was getting back to them.

She was glad for the Chief’s cloak gifted to her by the Druid, Krakatouk and pulled it tightly around her.  The magic cloak, pinned with a Valkyrie symbol brooch made from Viking’s fibula, was warm in winter and cool in summer, making it perfect for the trip between Ice Rock and Midnight Castle. A wagon wheel, forged of celestial metal of unsurpassed durability, picked up a stone along the way and every rotation produced a metallic clanging.  Suddenly, Anabel’s back straightened, her eyes hardened and narrowed and her blood thirst surged though her body.  She gave instructions to her driver and sat back as he pulled the ice horse off the main road towards a hidden byway.  Focused for the first time in a long time, Anabel was acutely aware of the decision she just made.  Instead of recoiling from her vampire nature, she embraced those feelings and her abilities and absently reached up to welcome the emergence of her killer’s fang.  After all, she alone faced the Challenge of the Midnight Hour for which she was granted the power of the highest vampire.  Not the Lord Chamberlain.  He failed in his bid to become the most powerful member of the Council and felt the High Council of Vampire Clans plotted against him.  His jealousy of Anabel forced the Chamberlain into a role he disdained…pandering to the High Council, who he considered an assembly of fools and old men.


The Lord Chamberlain rarely feared anything or anyone.  But the look on the Iron Knight’s face made him gasp and recoil from the door.  For a moment in time, both stood staring at each other.  The Lord Chamberlain’s voice, once strong and authoritative, failed him.  The Knight hadn’t planned what he was going to do or say, but once this close to the “esteemed vampire doctor” a familiar feral feeling began to stir.  There was something oddly familiar about this person, something that caused the Knight’s ferocious side to come barreling to the surface.  Beyond the ability to reason, the Iron Knight grabbed hold of the creature and hurled him across the room.  The Knight could see the doctor’s mouth moving, but the growling inside his head blocked out all sound.  He picked the doctor up with one hand and hurled him against the nearest wall.  Just then he noticed the doctor’s face seemed to be coming apart.  Bit by bit the broken disguise fell away revealing the man’s true identity.  The Lord Chamberlain!

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Very, very slowly sanity returned to the Iron Knight and he understood.  At first, he thought the Lord Chamberlain disguised himself as a vampire doctor to harm Anabel.  But staring at the miserable mass on the floor in front of him, the Knight knew the truth.  This was all for love…unrequited love.  The Chamberlain wanted Anabel and would do anything, absolutely anything, to have her.  While the Chamberlain was well versed in magic and spells, the Iron Knight was all brawn.  And he was determined whatever love the Chamberlain felt for Anabel would remain unrequited.

The Lord Chamberlain saw the truth dawning in the Iron Knight’s eyes and took that moment of hesitation to rise up and grab a small bottle from the shelf.  He downed it in one gulp and turned to the Knight.  “You may have won this round, but life is a game of chess.  Strategy, timing and luck.  We will all meet again.”  And then he was just gone.


As Anabel emerged from the carriage, the Dark Tower loomed large and formidable.  With her vampire senses heightened like never before, the ultrasonic echo of an enemy came through loud and clear.  Something familiar was here.  The Dark Tower was the perfect choice for the Chamberlain; fairly close to Anabel and town for supplies, yet isolated enough to deter visitors.  She didn’t exactly have a plan in mind, but vowed to use every last bit of her vampire power to expose his deceitfulness and, if necessary, destroy him.  And if Arabella were also somehow involved, well, she’d take care of that witch too.

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As Anabel climbed to the Tower top, the eerie quiet was shattered by some sort of scuffle coming from inside.  The Tower’s door was ajar and as Anabel peered through the opening, she saw a hobgoblin in a desperate struggle to free himself from a collar of shame encircling his neck.  Another one of the Chamberlain’s varied torture devices, no doubt.  The place was a mess with broken furniture and glass shards everywhere and a huge stain of what looked like red paint covering part of the floor.  The goblin stopped in his tracks when he saw Anabel and silently watched as she moved about.  Anabel bent down and picked up the Chamberlain’s cane, cut from an old century fir pole.  He never went anywhere without it.  Sensing movement out of the corner of her eye, Anabel spied a dreamcatcher, beneath which swayed a fire griffin’s deadly paw and dragon skeleton parts.  There didn’t appear to be any source for the movement; there was no breeze.  As she moved closer, Anabel discovered a rather large midnight butterfly caught in the strands of the dreamcatcher.  Its futile attempts to free itself only caused the strings to tighten even more.  Anabel picked up the butterfly and recognized the hard lava eyes of the Chamberlain!  It appears the mighty Lord Chamberlain outsmarted himself this time and, as Anabel held the wriggling insect, she felt empowered by her new sense of self.  She carefully unwound the binding strings and found a new home for the powerless wizard.  An empty specimen jar was perfect.  She placed the cane and jar within her cloak, remembering her prediction of the fly caught in the spider’s web. 

Suddenly, her vampire senses caught the unmistakable scent of a werewolf.  The Iron Knight had been here!  He must have figured out the truth and took matters into his own hands.  He did still love her!  Anabel was almost giddy.  She knew the Knight was okay because the scent was so strong.  She needed to get to him, quickly!

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The carriage ride seemed interminable and by the time it reached the outskirts of the Castle, Anabel’s nerves were frayed.  She felt breathless, as though she ran the whole way.  The dog days of summer were upon the land and she could smell the sweetness of the morning dew mixed with the perfume of the plumeria flowers.  Nothing like the winter flowers from the North.  These smells were intoxicating to her senses and filled her with a yearning that had been dormant far too long.  She hoped the Knight hadn’t grown tired of her moodiness and her ridiculous attachment to that scrawny excuse for a masquerading doctor.  In her desperation to deny her blood thirst, she allowed the Chamberlain a gateway into her mind.  He tormented and provoked her by constantly insinuating Arabella into every conversation in a blatant effort to bring the Knight’s loyalty into question. 

The carriage came to a sudden stop, jolting Anabel back to the present.  Disheveled and bruised, Anabel started to vent her anger on the driver but he was excitedly trying to explain the ice horse was rapidly turning into a fire horse.  The warm temps of the lower lands was wreaking havoc on the poor horse’s constitution and if he didn’t get back to Ice Rock right away, there’d be nothing left but ashes.  Anabel checked on the glass jar housing the Chamberlain, grabbed her bag and swung open the door.  As the door closed, Anabel noticed a Guards’ emblem indicating this carriage was linked to Vikings.  Riding in style or not, she vowed to have a word or two with Henry about being unceremoniously dumped by the side of the road. 

She rounded a small food stall at the end of the small town and made her way up the lone path to the Castle.  It was such a beautiful path in summer, lined with every imaginable color of flower.  And the large tree canopy provided a welcome relief from the warm sun.  She came upon a runic tree branch bearing a lone rune tree leaf.  The runic tree, the legendary tree of heroes, was revered by everyone.  A tiny nest containing a solitary raven egg was an apparent victim of the fallen tree branch.  Gingerly, Anabel picked up the nest and, with the help of the Chamberlain’s cane, placed it on the highest tree branch she could reach, hoping the egg’s mother would find it.     

As she reached out to unlatch the iron gate, Anabel caught sight of the small band of gold encircling her finger.  When the Knight placed this infinity ring on her finger, he promised his love was endless, having no beginning and no end.  That was five years ago.  Her heart began beating like a hummingbird’s wings and her hands shook.  But Anabel did what she had always done, faced things head on.  She forgot that for a while, but now she was back.

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Just as her hand touched the knob, the door was thrown open and there stood the Knight.  At first, all Anabel saw was his outline filling the entire doorway because of the blinding sun behind her.  His face suddenly appeared in the light and fear griped her spine as she forcibly willed her legs to move.  But one look into his eyes told her she had nothing to fear.  Those brown eyes which could be equally muddied or dark or fierce now were just soft and warm.  The kindest eyes she ever saw.  When he smiled, the warmth of his eyes lit up and she saw little flashes, like sparklers, dancing within them.  He grabbed hold of her and held her tight.  So tight she couldn’t breathe.  But it didn’t matter.  Nothing mattered but this moment.  They were together, they would stay together.

Before any words were spoken, Daphne bounded her way around the corner and into her mother.  Anabel kneeled down and held her daughter tight.  But the child wriggled free and wanted to know all about Anabel’s trip, and Henry, and what gifts did she bring.  Anabel laughed and pulled out a pearl comb and a little sea pony straight from the Northern Islands for Daphne’s aquarium.  You would have thought her cloak was a prosperity cloak for the many gifts that fell from beneath its folds.  One gift, however, was a little more special than the rest.  Anabel opened a pale blue box and removed a small tiara.  She placed the True Valkyrie’s Diadem on her daughter’s head and promised to regale the little girl with all the wonderful sights, smells, people and animals of the Northern Islands.


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The excitement of homecoming gave way to exhaustion and everyone was more than ready to retire for the night.  Eventually they would have to talk things out, but for now Anabel was content enveloped in her warm, comfortable bed with the Knight lying beside her.  But sleep remained elusive, and it wasn’t her bloodthirst that kept Anabel awake.  Something needed to be taken care of before she could rest. 

She carefully slipped out of bed so as not to disturb the Knight and made her way downstairs.  Once her eyes got used to the dark, she could make out the outline of her cloak, still draped across the chair where she left it.  Her fingers deftly felt around each fold until she grasped the glass jar.  Then very quickly she crossed the foyer and opened the front door.  Beside the door was a huge planter where she had stashed the Chamberlain’s cane.  Anabel grabbed the cane and quietly climbed the stairs to her dressing room. 

Finally able to breathe, Anabel lit a table lamp and walked over to the small grandfather’s clock in the corner.  The clock had been one of Henry’s treasures and had a very unique feature…a false front.  A tiny key hung from a hook in the back and Anabel inserted the key into an imperceptible keyhole, causing a door to swing open from the bottom half of the clock.  She almost felt something akin to pity as she looked at the morphed Chamberlain, but the fire in her eyes belied any compassion.  A wry smile crossed her face as Anabel placed the jar and cane inside the clock and shut and locked the door.  Once the key was returned to its hiding place, Anabel turned off the light and silently made her way back to bed.  Safely beside the Knight, all the tension released from her body and blessed sleep took over.

To Be Continued.....

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Inventory words from December 2019 and February 2020 updates

Time is the enemy of all things young.  Flesh, thoughts, pain, hate…..all seem to dull with the passage of time.  Years passed since Anabel’s last thought of the Chamberlain.  She reveled in the normalcy her life had become, if you consider the union of a vampire and werewolf normal.  She ran into Arabella occasionally, but the witch was noticeably diminished in bravado and kept mostly to herself in Elvyn Forest.  There was nothing and no one connecting Anabel to Lord Chamberlain, except the Iron Knight, and even his memory seemed to have dimmed.  After all, the Chamberlain was not a nice guy and it seemed everyone chose not to question his sudden disappearance. 

Anabel was sitting at her dressing table one day when, out of the corner of her eye, the grandfather clock came sharply into focus.  How funny that she really hadn’t noticed it much until now.  She tried to push away the memories and look forward rather than back, but her curiosity got the better of her.  She unlocked the secret panel and felt in the opening for the glass specimen jar.  When she became a butterfly catcher and first captured the butterfly-morphed Chamberlain, the jar pulsated with energy and magical power and the butterfly was full of life.  But now the glow was gone and the butterfly appeared lifeless.  Anabel held the jar up to the light and shook it, but….nothing.  No glimmer of life, no whisper of breath.  She returned the jar to its hiding place and tried to convince herself this was the best possible outcome for everyone.  But try as she might, thoughts began creeping into her head that paralyzed her from doing anything else.

Never having been a coffee fan, Anabel decided a cup of tea made with sleeping maiden’s flower would have a calming effect.  Unfortunately, it didn’t.  Anabel’s mind was racing at full speed.  Was the Chamberlain singularly evil, who only used his power to get whatever he wanted?  Or was there a mixture of good and bad?  Couldn’t the same be said for all humans, as well as wizards, vampires and wolves? 

The bad blood between them began five years ago when the Chamberlain felt snubbed by the High Council of Vampire Clans, who began courting Anabel.  Then he formed an alliance with Arabella, the one person in the whole world Anabel truly hated for her involvement with the Knight.  All the ‘slings and arrows’ hurled throughout the years grew tiring.  But the clincher was the Chamberlain posing as a vampire doctor to exploit Anabel’s vulnerability in order to lure her away from the Knight.

Anabel had reached the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back.”  Enough was enough and she reasoned the only way to live a peaceful existence was to rid the world of one of its most sinister occupants.  But the years worked against her resolve and softened her stance on the Chamberlain’s predicament.  Would she be able to have that completely happy life when the Chamberlain’s demise rested squarely on her; albeit a well-deserved demise?  The Knight didn’t tell her everything that transpired between him and the Lord Chamberlain, but he did let on that the Chamberlain fancied himself in love with Anabel…a warped love to be sure, but love nonetheless.  The initial euphoria of emasculating the Lord Chamberlain gave way to circumspect and doubt.  She knew total happiness would continue to elude her if she simply allowed the Chamberlain to die.  There would always be that dark corner in Anabel’s heart and she had grown tired of dark corners.

But Anabel also knew helping the Chamberlain was beyond her abilities.  She had no idea what magic he used to transform into a butterfly, let alone what could transform him back.  Arabella was the potion expert, but the witch was a strike first and ask questions later type of woman and Anabel thought it best not to invite that mess.  Perhaps it was time for a return trip up north to visit Valkyrie and Krakatouk the Druid.  The Druid would surely be disappointed in how Anabel dealt with the Chamberlain and she was loathe to face him, but what choice was there?  Grudgingly accepting the inevitable, Anabel grabbed her bag and began packing.

Once again, leaving Daphne and the Knight was torturous.  She kept her regrets about the Chamberlain to herself and only told the Knight she received a call from Henry urging her to visit.  She hated lying to him, but the truth just wouldn’t make any sense right now. 

Since Henry had no phone, Anabel arrived at Ice Rock with no fanfare nor welcoming party.  Her visit would just have to be a surprise as she rummaged for her raven’s fate key ring to open the door.  But she was the one surprised when she walked into the cottage.  There was a note on the table from Henry saying he was away on a dig, the fireplace was ready to go and only needed one flick of the enchanted firestarter.  There was also a meal waiting for her in the frosty chest.  Anabel found out later this was Henry’s routine every time he went away on the off-chance she would visit.    

Anabel dropped her bag in the spare room and decided to take a walk around Ice Rock.  Towards the back, hidden from view, was her secret childhood garden.  Henry called it the “ancient garden” because it was ringed by beautiful tall trees that didn’t appear anywhere else in the world.  Henry’s arsenal for entertaining his young daughter was a never-ending font of stories involving his archeological digs and discoveries.  Anabel reveled in all of them but was especially intrigued by the lore surrounding a mask Henry found in his own backyard.  While digging at the base of one of the majestic trees, Henry discovered the mask, what he called the ‘Titan’s Mask.’  Henry’s tale described the Titans as ancients whose land was lush with the gigantic red trees.  The faceless mask, bereft of decoration or eye holes, belonged to an unknown Titan who wished to hide his face from the world. Of particular interest was the intricate crown sitting atop the mask purportedly carved by a craftsman using his master’s dagger as a sculpting tool.  According to Henry, the Red Tree’s crown symbolized royalty and that meant the lofty trees had probably been a gift from one sovereign
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Lost in memories, Anabel practically jumped out of her skin when a sudden loud crackle and whoosh of air came from overhead.  Shading her eyes from the sun, Anabel looked skyward and saw an enormous flying shadow come to rest in an eagle’s aerie perched high atop one of the towering trees.

She stood up and looked one way, then the other.  Not wanting to return to the empty cottage, Anabel continued down past the old corral (she used to call it her jousting field).  At the far end stood the ghostly stables; barren of horses for years.  Inside was a carriage with relics; Henry’s finds from around the grounds.  Things like the intimidating bridle, rumored to turn mild-tempered horses into awe-inspiring beasts.  The bridle not only had the bit and reins, but a neck band for fastening.  It looked more like a plate helmet than a bridle.  Together with the menacing spiked saddle, this equipment definitely required a horse with a personality to match, and the image that immediately popped into Anabel’s mind was that of the dark horseman riding his ghostly bone horse.  

Leaving the past behind, Anabel made her way back to the cottage, hoping Henry had returned.  Henry understood his daughter possessed his adventuresome spirit, but she was also headstrong.  Maybe he could take the credit for that trait too.  After all, wasn’t he a bit impulsive when he joined Count Leonid Vesnik in the search for the mystery chamber?  And how many times did he foolheartedly cross the witch’s path?  Yes, Anabel gets her penchant for recklessness from him also.  Sighing, Henry opened the trunk at the foot of his bed and pulled out one of his prize finds…the quiver of light flight.  Supposedly it never ran out of arrows when worn by a valorous venturesome spirit.  This would come in handy for Anabel. 

Henry and Anabel shared a meal, mostly in quiet.  Henry knew pressing Anabel would only cause her to dig her heels in and Anabel’s mind was too jumbled to offer any coherent conversation.  The smoldering fireplace only added to Anabel’s foreboding, so she kissed Henry on the head and wished him a good night.  She was anxious to get ready for tomorrow and a reunion with a faithful friend.

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Anabel tried to convince herself to sleep, but to no avail.  After hours of tossing and turning she gave up and just stood idly at the window.  The full moon wasn’t bright, but dulled by gauzy wisps wafting along the inky sky.  Anabel shivered as if she were one with the moon’s grief, looking at the world through a melancholy gaze.  Her senses were suddenly inundated with the sounds of the sea and the smell of salt air as she absently rubbed an embossed wave symbol on a nearby book. 

Anabel knew the few fitful hours of sleep she got was all there was.  So she got up, dressed and readied her gear while it was still dark in the hour before dawn.  The sky had cleared and there was a peculiar cluster of night stars shaped like a power paw, the paw of the great Northern bear, a beast honored by the Northern people.  That was a sure sign her friend from the North was near. 

As Anabel and Henry made the trek around the mountains to the lake, the irony of the moment wasn’t lost on her.  She walked this same path years ago seeking help to destroy the Chamberlain; now she needed help to save him.  With the passage of time, the grandeur of the Northern ships faded from Anabel’s memory.  As the lake came into view, the full impact of the regal ship overwhelmed her.

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The Viking boat, the epitome of a light, high-speed drakkar, seemed to fill the watery landscape.  It began its life as a simple shielded boat with the north shield emblazoned down each side.  The ship figurehead was a dragon, fitting because the creature was the Northerners inspiration to win against even the toughest odds.   One could almost see its flaming breath.  The billowing sails, made from the strongest Viking canvas, captured the slightest of winds to thrust the ship through the calmest seas.

After perfunctory attempts at small talk gave way to an awkward silence, Anabel grabbed the patterned bag holding a few foodstuffs, the enchanted quiver from Henry and her very own eagle bow.  Outfitted with a unicorn hair string, the bow guaranteed even the most unskilled warrior could hit any target.  Not as effective as the skull crasher Valkyrie had learned to fight with as a child, but good enough.

The journey was long and rather quiet and it surprised Anabel when the ship passed by the Druid’s island.  Her puzzled expression nudged Valkyrie out of her silence.  As the earthy landscape gave way to ice and snow, Valkyrie explained the ship was heading to one of the northernmost islands.  The Druid divined his magic was ill-suited under the circumstances and directed the appropriate assistance.  The island ruler knew of Anabel and her mission and was waiting. 

Before Anabel could even discern anything resembling land mass, a crewman rose to the bow of the ship and blew a curved horn to announce their arrival.  The horn turned out to be a ceremonial horn, a trophy of the hero who defeated the three-horned dragon, and a symbol of the islands’ sovereignty.