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Anabel and the Knight   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 5/5/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 38212 views.
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They soared on a wind of freedom through the forest and out to a mountain root chain, resembling the magnificent idol for rock master, the thunderbird.  At the center of the mountain heart, the phoenix, belying its size, gently perched on the sacred branch of the mighty oak storm tree.  The Knight slid down and took in his surroundings.  He stumbled upon a stone sarcophagus, its broken scarab seal tossed to one side.  On the edge of a fire altar there appeared to be a tomb of some sort badly in need of repair with a jumble of tomb bricks clustered nearby.  Further on was a statue of an apocalypse rider on an infernal horseHolly berries made a home in a huge statue crack, giving it the illusion of a long, bloody gash.  His attention was so fixated on a great iron gate with three dragons adorning the top of a giant metro gates wheel that he didn’t see the gate guard.

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Not nearly as menacing as what he faced in the forest, the guard escorted him through the gate and stopped outside the warden’s hut.   The guard slightly resembled the inventor Mechanogle.  Inside was the warden’s office, a guard swinging a prison baton, an empty prison cell, and an interrogation room.  There was a statue of a bear with armor next to the cell.

A blast from an aurochs’ horn brought the guards to attention.  One opened the door and an ageless warrior strutted in replete with a light of asgard helmet and lily shield with a winged amulet.  There was no visible weapon.  He introduced himself as the leader of the gnomes and was thankful for the return of their icon, the phoenix.  Suddenly, the Knight thought of the griffin amulet the priest had given him and without knowing why, showed it to the gnome warrior leader.  Everyone began excitedly talking and the leader gestured for the Knight to follow him.

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Outside they rounded the corner by a gnome road sign, in language he didn’t understand, and entered a warm, homey gnome kitchen, obviously the heart of the gnome’s soul.   There was so much activity going on and he finally allowed himself to relax.  The warmth of the kitchen felt good and the food, although not at all what he was used to, was filling.  There were light sprouts, fish wing stew with mushrooms (what he called the fungus among us) and drink from a barrel with an oak sign emblazoned on it.  There was not a drop of thirst left when he was done.  There was no reply to his question about the mandrake root.  No insomnia horn sounded in his head this night, sleep came easily.

The gnome leader woke the Knight the next day and began a recitation from Tablets of Wisdom, which were akin to a holy book.  Once the readings were over, the gnome led the Knight to a door with a gnome emblem on it.  Even though the room was only lit by a small expedition lamp, the gnome walked straight to a secret slab faced with stone chaps in raised relief.  The slab gave way to reveal a gnome safe.  The avid core lock of the safe had a steel jaw and the gnome leader pulled a steel canine key from his pocket and opened the safe.  Then the gnome leader held up the most precious thing in the world to the Knight, the mandrake root

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The gnome leader then took the Knight on a tour.  They came upon a reconstruction site where a destruction sign hung alongside a tower of winds sign.  Further on was a power mill.  As they walked inside a door with a large power symbol he was encouraged to wear protection glasses.  The head gnome, also wearing ocular protection, was leaning over an alchemic converter with a huge alchemic seal; again, in a language he didn’t understand.  A reconciliation rod ran straight up through the roof and the entire room hummed with inner energy, like a steel hive.  The heart of this mystery chamber would forever perplex the Knight. 

The head gnome walked over to a trade machine with a spinning pyramid of numbers symbol and returned with a bronze sphere.  The sphere was placed in the machine; a mysterious cube, called a cube of fortune, invisibly held in place by clamps of wisdom, began pulsating.  Even though there was no watch sign or time keeper, time flow appeared to slow.  The leader explained that an alchemic infusion had begun where the bronze sphere was turned into liquid gold, known as the elixir of immortality, and when drunk from a precious cup, promised everlasting life.  All of this was based on sound theory provided by the artifact of infinity the gnomes had found. 

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The Knight sipped the golden liquid and felt the breath of life return to his soul and the endless knot of despair leave his body.  He knew now he would make it back to Anabel.  And he took this sign of rebirth as a sign of penance already served.  He would present Arabella with the mandrake root to add to her pantry of ingredients, but the Knight no longer needed her help.    

Night fell and the gnome removed a snake wicker from an old forest lantern, lit a torch and led the way with the new source torch.  Beside a mystic fountain, a handwrought cart lay outside a stall with a griffin symbol overhead, centered in a horseshoe of mighty winds and held up by a horseman’s seal.  Was this a griffin stall, the winged guard of the fabled gnomes?  The leader began telling a story of a secret oppresser and how the light of lore tome had fated his people to become the protector of the oppressed.  They were the face of law, ordained with a warrior power but a fist of justice and they were united in their steadfast watch over the oppressed.

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Heading back to the throne room, the Knight pondered the gnomes’ bison persistence and steel spirit to keep the weave of life ever steady on the wings of sainthood and away from the wreath of fear.  Indeed, a massive task for any peacemaker.  A totem of harmony, topped with an awake defender and looking more like a pedestal of wit by the whimsical nature of its carvings, led the way to the throne base.  There was an ancient mask, which concealed a rusty safe and a horn of ancestry with its sharpened horn hung over the throne chair.

The gnome leader confided to the Knight the cruel reality of the real power inherited by the artifact of infinity.  The knowledge bringer was, at times, a cumbersome cursed badge with its proclivity for soul harvest.  To act as soul selector and life measurer was a real power struggle and didn’t come without some pang of conscience.  It definitely demanded a nature force of restraint.  Ignited by his very own crystal of birth, the room had suddenly become bathed by a spawn of light.  The Knight knew his act of accepting the mandrake root gift and drinking the elixir carried the explicit vow to be a steel defender of the oppressed everywhere, to carry the stone of obedience seared with the seal of obedience and to use his hero’s strike against the poisonous grip of tyranny.   

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Farewells were said at the post of the portal guard and he mounted the griffin.  Around the griffin’s neck was a misty placer harness and the Knight inserted the griffin amulet into the stone of wild nature at its center.  As the sound of the griffin’s horn slowly faded away, the stars lined up as the Knight’s night guide back to home and Anabel.


Anabel and the Iron Knight declared their love under an arbor by the sea; the turquoise light sea colored by the sun’s solar seal would soon be replaced by the deep light of the rising moon and star light.  A triumphant wreath centered over a banner of loyalty was mounted above the arbor.  A fire, the symbol of holy fire, was stoked occasionally by a watcher.  Anabel was resplendent with eyes glistening from stardust crystal crushed into star powder.  On her head was a royal gold crown inlaid with a royal stone and encircled with a regal wreath.  She carried a scepter of virtue wrapped in vines of golden flower, golden lily and life flower.  The Knight wore a majestic hat, a medallion of happiness with his veteran’s stripe pinned to his cloak and the sabre of the avenger at his side.  His campaign insignia included a pioneer’s medal affixed to a frontier emblem all mounted on an iron bark amulet.  On his finger, his father’s nocturnal ring

Anabel and the Knight’s left hands were intertwined with a jade vine, the thread of fate, which symbolized the eternal growth of their love.  The Knight, Prince Malcontent Silvermane (werewolf and son of King Oeland of the Werewolf Clan) presented his bride, Anabel (vampire and daughter of Henry the Archeologist) the largest, most perfect diamond, ever mined.  Unlike their ancestor idol worshippers, they now understood the foundation of the universe, the creation of the world.  They believed in samsara, forever part of the cycle of death and rebirth, eternal life.   And their union represented a unified law of the land; a world pillar had been engraved with a stone of peace for the occasion.  They shared a cup of glory and all their guests toasted with a cup of sincere wishes.  By the seal of dawn in the crystal of air made pure by a morning’s rain, they followed the unicorn banner up the unicorn path to begin their enchanted life together, the seed of life having already been planted.


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Part 2

The Love Story Continues

Years have passed, and Anabel is getting ready for an anniversary celebration with the Knight, the love of her life.  On one corner of Anabel’s dressing table is a frame, a cool frame, embossed with a magic world map and a picture of her hero, the Knight.  After the whole witch debacle, Anabel doubted this day would ever dawn.  But that was a forbidden love, a fatal attraction actually, that thankfully ended when the witch was tricked into using a toxic comb ironically dipped in her very own honesty spell, a bad luck spell for the witch.  Foiled by the use of her own magic against her, the witch’s last message, her parting farewell letter put an end to her poisonous grip on the Knight.   That also ended Anabel’s fear of “accidentally” eating a poisoned apple.  Thank goodness there was no widow consolation or pipe of grief before she was even a bride!

In the ensuing years, a princess was born; Daphne, diaphanous in features and skin, but with large, soulful eyes.  Born with a silver rattle in her hand and a ruler’s power in her pedigree, her birth was the spawn of light for both Anabel and the Knight.

As time and finances would allow, Anabel attempted to make the castle and its grounds a little homier.  There were several formal gardens on the grounds of the castle, the most notable containing a Poseidon fountain.  Past owners, serious believers in all things mythical, added an eternal flame to the fountain; that light from below was fabled to be the power source that warded off Poseidon’s punishment. 

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The surrounding wall was a relic of the ancients representing a mosaic birth of Atlantis.  The Atlantis bas-relief had a carving of Atlas holding the sky upon his shoulders flanked on either side by ancient enamel inlay of Atlas’ Archmother and Atlas’ Archfather.  In whole, it appeared as though Atlas’ star represented the crystal of birth.  The connection to the universe is evident by the solar system model, which included an earth model, venus model and mars model.  The creating hand was never more evident as in this perfect shape of creation.  But somehow one couldn’t help but see a lonely galaxy.

The wall also depicted a town mural and careful observation would confirm Midnight Castle’s link to the crystal of centuries.  The entire wall seemed dipped in a glaze of centuries past.

At the end of the garden path, where statue ruins ringed the pond of forgotten reflections, lay the fabled Mermaid’s junk.  While merely a ship model based on stories in the ancient scrolls of seafaring men and the creatures they encountered, the mermaid bow figurine was nonetheless resplendent with sapphire eyes and a golden crown.  According to legend, the lighthouse heart topaz decoration strung around her neck on an ancestor chain alerted sailors to the nearest lighthouse.

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Closer to the castle itself, Anabel had the collapsed wall nearest to the column capital repaired.  There she had installed a marble fountain; on one side stood a statue with jug (also known as the vessel of tears) where water splashed through the statue’s hand like raindrops.  They fell into a pool in the shape of a curled shell.  Anabel had the gardener place a stone planter with a mourning cherub on one side of the fountain and in it grew a shy flower, a very fragile flower but with a strong stem.  It represented unintended loss and a giver’s grace and seemed appropriate for the sad, fairy-like statue.

But for the family, Anabel designed grandma’s fishing basin.  She had no memory of her mother, nor did the Knight but they wanted to give the little princess a sense of being a granddaughter.  Anabel stocked the fishing basin with amber fish, emerald fish and sapphire fish, who undoubtedly found this new home more pleasing than their previous small aquarium.  The child-size rod with a wishing hook on the end wasn’t for fishing though.  Anabel would fill an old bottle with notes containing lovely wishes for unlimited luck that little Daphne would catch.  At the very end of the basin was a small frog pond.  Delightfully cute was a frog witch statue standing on a toad stone in the center of the pond, together with gold-bearing turtle and wise toad statuettes.  In the stash in moss in one of the cracks was a Sharp-eyed snail.   And the cutest ever garden bunny stood watch over all.  Every so often a spring butterfly or the rare rose petal butterfly would dart and flit over the ponds.