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Do a survey on games to help a friend   Welcome!

Started 4/29/20 by AEGram; 4970 views.

From: Randytb


On my way to do the survey always glad to help when I can.



From: AEGram


Again, thanks to all who have completed the survey and who continue to find this thread and take it.

She's up to 209 responses now...........I'll probably not have any new numbers until Monday, though.


From: AEGram


TJ (StarBlazes) said:

I posted the survey in several Line chats I have from back when I played War Dragons, everyone still actively playing will be helpful on getting the questions answered about online team/ clan fighting type games.

Thanks so much for doing this TJ.


From: AEGram


Susanna502MC said:

I posted a message on Facebook. (I have friends East Coast and West Coast.)

Thanks for passing it on!

I did it! I was happy to see that she is at New Mexico State University, in the southern part of NM. (I’m up north in Santa Fe). That’s a very good school and I hope she does well there. Many of my students have had a lot of success after earning their degree at NMSU.


From: misstracy22



Survey completed, good luck sent relaxed

Take care,
hugs Tracy

Lia (LiaHellas)

From: Lia (LiaHellas)


I will gladly take part in the survey !!

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Let us know how many participants she finally got.

We also want to know the grade she scored.

Do you get a grade for a thesis?


From: AEGram


I just found out some interesting information......

1. She has worked on the thesis, but basically can't go any further until all data has been collected. 

2.  The last day for data collection is May, she doesn't check the numbers/input daily because she now knows she has sufficient data to proceed with the thesis (doesn't need to ask for an extension). She'll give us the final number when the site is closed.

3. BUT, that said......last time she checked, the number was up to 237.

Not sure about how it's graded. Hopefully, I can find an answer. 

Once again, I'm overwhelmed by how so many helped with their participation. I personally found the survey to be very interesting and I really didn't want to admit to myself just how many hours a day I play MC. 

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