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PETS GONE WILD   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 5/7/18 by Dot (aussieDot1); 146220 views.
Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Welcome to this thread.  It is a series of short stories with our MC pets as the main characters. 

It began August 24 2014 on the BFG forum – Midnight Castle.  Here I would like to add a THANK YOU to tigress1 (no longer playing MC or visiting the forum) for pushing me to print my stories.  To keep in line with the BFG MC forum rules, I contacted the mods & these were the directions I was given.  Remember. (1) This thread is about the Midnight Castle pets and as such the animals who have the adventures need to be a MC pet. It is the pets having the adventures - not necessarily the human owners though the two can interact.  (2) Also to make sure this thread remains game-related, the posts need to be about the following :- It can be a tale of the pets & the chests & how/where they found them. This was the original concept for the thread but it expanded to the following.  It can also be an adventure (without the chests) but where the pets must interact with the characters &/or locations of Midnight Castle or an MC event such as egg-hatching or Christmas promotion, etc.  These are aspects of the game that are acceptable to the moderators.  (3) Young people may read the stories so NO swearing or offensive language or adult- only themes. 

I know that the new forum – Delphi is not as strict but I am reasonably comfortable with these guidelines so will only be expanding them slightly.


Pets Gone Wild was meant to be a little bit of light-hearted fun.  These tails (oops!! wrong tales) contains characters, story lines, places, acronyms, items (HOS & Zoom Zone – both static & collectible as well as Craft items) & of course, the pets found in Midnight Castle. Any resemblance to real life is purely accidental & unintentional. If this is not your thing, please read no further.

Pets Gone Wild was not designed to be informative but information on MC happenings & characters can be gleaned by reading the posts.  If you do not want any spoilers to the parts of the game you have not yet reached, please read no further. 

Initially I was the only author on the thread.  Then I was joined by two good friends – Linet (NoFishToday on BFG) and TT (Two Ton Fury on BFG).  Our stories became interactive but some of the tales remained  individual.  Some stories are short & as such are stand alone.  Some tales are longer & have been broken down in to chapters.  These chapters may be mixed among the tales from the different authors & sometimes the different authors have co-written a story.  To help the reader follow a tale, I have created titles for each story &/or chapter.  To distinguish the authors, I will be colour coding the overall story titles of each author.

DOT – Dot’s Home for Misfit Pets

Linet – Two Wild and Crazy Guys

TT -  Diamonds in the Ruff

I have bought across from BFG MC forum the stories by Dot, Linet & TT.  TT may no longer be part of our writing team but I was unable to separate her stories from Linet’s or mine so I bought over all our stories.  I did not bring over to this forum the comments or queries by people who read the thread there and posted.  I hope these players understand.  Nor did I bring across a story started by annieliz (called Patsy Pig) as she did not continue her story – read pages 47- 49 of PGW on BFG forum for what parts of her story she did write.   

Now it is time to sit back & have a read.  I hope you enjoy the stories. 

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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


I've been invited by aussie_Dot to compose a poem in her Pets Gone Wild thread. Here it is:

The pets of Midnight Castle
Are searching high and low,
For treasure chests aplenty,
For silver and the gold.

Some pets have been quite naughty,
with wood or rusty chests.
The Phoenix, Pig and Turtle
Most often bring the best.

Perhaps their names mean something.
The Lemur eats a lot.
Voracious suits him perfectly,
he eats all that you've got.

The cat, although I own two real,
this one isn't funny.
He only brings me rusty chests,
not filled with lots of money.

The Puppy is so very cute,
but I don't use him much.
In order to bring decent chests,
he needs a gentle touch.

Now Panda, and Hopping Tiger
are good when in a pinch.
If you need money, use them honey.
Good chests are a cinch.

Let's hear it for the Pegasus
though she takes lots of food,
She'll bring you gold or silver
when she's in the mood.

O K, let's see which ones remain,
Hedgehog, Manticore, Silly Seal.
They each will do their very best
when you give them a meal.

The Sharp Eyed Snail, without a tail
is jealous of the Dragon.
Owl, Hippo, Squirrel and Parrot,
their chests are a bit laggin.

At last there is the Snow Griffin
who we sometimes forget,
but treat him well, for as you know
He was the very first pet.

by gadget23mom on Sep 4, 14 8:59 AM

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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Dot's Home For Misfit Pets

Introducing My Pets (12 chapters)

 Chapter 1.  Hooter & Cuddles

I am the proud mama of all 19 pets found in MC to date (August 2014). They certainly keep me on the go. Let me tell you a little about them. Firstly

Hooter Owl
As a fetcher of chests, Hooter has been very disappointing. He only brings back rusty chests no matter where he goes (& he has tried all the areas open to date). I only realised yesterday that Hooter may be colourblind so I am going to get him a pair of glasses (maybe rose-coloured ones!) so that he can tell the difference between a gold chest & a rusty one. Anyone know a good owl optometrist?

Sharing a room with Hooter is

Cuddles Panda
Cuddles is a lovable fellow. He loves his hugs & with his soft brown eyes & curly fur, he is very cuddly (hence his name). But behind his smile lies a secret - he is overweight. It all began when Cuddles saw an advert for a bamboo eating contest. He started practising - mainly at small events (at the Castle Gates/in the Throne Room plus others). He usually got the rusty chest but he was undaunted. Finally he was ready for the big time! He was pipped at the post (taking out silver) when competing at the Tavern. He entered the Winter Idol Event at Ice Rock & took his first GOLD. However it is the Broken Carriage Contest at the Castle Vicinity where he came into his own. Here he is reigning Champion - having won the title a whopping 5 times (with a gold chest for each time). When Cuddles began to feel unwell, I took him to the doctor who found he was very overweight & put him on a diet. This has interrupted his training so he may not be able to compete to protect his title at the next event. Still his health comes first!

Chapter 2. Fireball

In a room all his own (due to his flammable, volatile nature) is

Fireball Phoenix
You just can't take some pets anywhere. Recently I took Fireball to meet Arabella Scales in the Underground Grotto. He offered to light the fire under her Cauldron But he, kinda, misjudged & set Arabella's dress on fire instead (while she was still wearing it!). After a dip in the Stone Bowl (to douse the flames), Arabella threw a rusty chest at Fireball & banned him from the Grotto. To cheer him up, I sent him to visit his cousin - Fountain Phoenix in the Fire Fountain at the Castle Entry. They got into a big fight - I tell you, things got pretty hot when tempers flared. It seems Fountain Phoenix has first dibs on all the gold chests in his area & would let Fireball only have the rusty ones! To cool Fireball down, I let him go to Ice Rock (that's when I found I had a budding extortionist on my hands!!!). Apparently, he threatened to melt the Ice Monster unless he paid up. 6 gold chests & several silver ones later; I suppose, it is one way to earn a living.
Yeah, yeah! I know we are living on the proceeds of crime but what is a girl supposed to do? All the good books on child & pet rearing say - not to stifle their individuality & to encourage their sense of "free enterprise".


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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Chapter 3.  Petunia & Heather


Sharing a room are

Petunia Pig & Heather Hippo
These two are inseparable - BFFs (best friends forever). The other day I sent Petunia & Heather to help the Keeper of Wishes clean up the Mystery Chamber. The Keeper was so appreciative that she gave each of the girls a gold chest. Good little helpers. Yes???? What I haven't mentioned yet is that they were there fulfilling a "community service court order". Petunia & Heather are the slightly ditzy, spoiled daughters of two heavy-weight, influential men. Petunia's dad, Boss HOG runs a Mob-style organisation & "Bull" Hippo (Heather's dad) is his 'muscle'. Boss HOG used to take his little darling & her friend to all the places in Midnight Castle. Everyone agreed that "Petunia was a pretty little piglet/pig" & gave her gold chests (sometimes silver ones). She had 5 gold chests. However, one voice, the Drunken Skeleton (he wasn't always a skeleton) in the Tavern said "She was a right squealer!" & gave her a rusty chest. I believe, that night he got a visit from "Bull". Now both Boss HOG & "Bull" Hippo are doing time & the court has placed Petunia & Heather in my care.

Now Petunia & Heather love all the girly things especially shopping. The other day they found the stash of red/brown UNIQUE STAMPS that everyone is looking for. They took them to a' fence' who worked for Petunia's dad & he sent them offshore. (I am soooo very sorry, players!!!) With the cash they got, they went on a shopping spree - had a really merry time until the Sword of Law caught up with them & took them before the Silent Judge in the Shining Split in the Mystery Chamber. They pleaded guilty & amid some very loud sobbing (good acting, girls!) , they said they were sorry. Since they showed remorse, the Judge relented & gave them "a community service order" & told them to 'clean up' their act. The Mystery Chamber was their first 'clean up' job. Uh,oh! Was that HEHEHE I heard coming from the girls room? That can't be good!

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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Chapter 4.  Gabbi & Perdita


Sharing a room are

Gabbi Griffin
Gabbi is a gentle creature. She loves to help around the house & is often seen looking out for her roommate - Perdita Pegasus. There is nothing pushy about Gabbi & she always says "thank you" no matter what she gets - and she always gets wooden chests. I thought that might eventually hurt her feelings but I was wrong. Seems Gabbi is a gossip & just loves visiting everybody to learn the latest goss. She is better than an information service for spreading news. When I tackled her about this, I found out Gabbi is actually a secret agent for that underground group known as the DEVS. She has been collecting & relaying information all this time. I decided not to pursue it further with the hope that good will happen in the Castle!

Perdita Pegasus
This is my baby. Recently hatched, Perdita has only just got her wings & like all toddlers, she - "Watch out for the WALL!" - seems to bang into things a lot. Like all proud mamas I have taken Perdita to all my friends to show her off. With her baby blues & all that purple hair, she is just so cute! Males appear most susceptible. Most agree with me as she has 3 gold chests & several silver ones to date.

I have one small problem - What was that I just stepped in? Oh, C***! Perdita, how many times do I have to tell you - "use the litter tray!!". Please if anyone knows how to house/toilet train a Pegasus, please (pretty please!) let me know?

Chapter 5.  Cee_For & Prickles


Two unlikely roommates

Cee_For Cat
Cee_For appears a rather innocuous sort of a chap although he is slightly aloof. He does his prowling around mostly at night & usually brings home rusty chests. On 4 occasions he has brought back wooden chests & this was not an improvement. Then he went back to getting rusty chests.

I thought he was just lazy as he appears to sleep all day. Not so. When I thought he was sleeping, he was actually conniving & planning jewellery heists with the Crafty Leprechaun. To date I have discovered they have ripped off the Mosaic Panel & taken the Immortal Treasure/ they escaped the Battle Pit (by a cat's whisker) with the Crown of Wisdom/ they pulled the blanket (fireproof, of course) over the phoenix's eyes in the Fire Fountain & made off with the Ice Crown. I had better find out where the Ghostly Gem is so I can warn the authorities to take proper security precautions as I believe this is their next target. I have told him I will not harbour a felon so he needs to find another line of work. He scratched me!

Prickles Hedgehog
Prickles is a good-natured but very, very shy young man. He has a rather gruff, prickly exterior & rarely shows his soft side/underbelly. He really doesn't like to venture too far from home. He has made friends with the Monkey in the Tavern & the Crocodile in the Underground Grotto where he has got silver chests but in all other places, he has received rusty chests. He gets tongue-tied & stammers so people don't know what he wants. He suffers from xenophobia (fear of strangers/strange places) and often when I try to encourage him to go out, he rolls himself into a ball showing me all his prickles. That's when I get the point (He's not going!).

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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Chapter 6.  Pauly

Yes I know I was being catty with Cee_For but his supercilious attitude (Me- master/ You -slave) really rubbed my fur (sorry, skin) the wrong way. I realize he thinks himself a cat burglar but the attitude can go. So I have banned his partner in crime - the Crafty Leprechaun - from the house. Cee_For has made amends (sort of). He has brought me a silver chest which he claims he found near the Crypt at the Castle Vicinity. For the sake of peace I accepted his offering. Now for one of my most unruly pets.

Banned to the Tree outside - the one with the branches hanging over the Overgrown Pond in my backyard is

Pauly Parrot
Pauly wants a cracker... PAULY WANTS A CRACKER...... PAULY WANTS A B***** CRACKER!!! Pauly is a baaad boy!
He certainly is, I mutter. You can see my problem with Pauly.

OH, SHUT UP! I yell.

Pauly loves bright colours & he dresses in all the colours of the rainbow. He fancies himself "star material". He spent a long time with that parrot of Skull Pete & he has learnt some very "colourful" language.
Unfortunately, Pauly can't sing & he swears at every body. It is so bad that he only gets rusty chests.

Pauly is a baaad boy & I STILL WANT THAT B***** CRACKER!
"Oh for crying out loud! Here's your cracker." About B***** Time!

Today I took him to the City Square & introduced him to Christian the Bard. Christian took him for a celebrity & gave him a silver chest. He also invited Pauly to come back & have a sing-a-long. So if you hear mournful tones & loud squawking from the City Square, ignore it. It is just Christian & Pauly having a "jam" session.

Chapter 7.  Sebastian & Happy


Staying in the Overgrown Pond in my backyard is

Sebastian Seal
Sebastian wanted to be a Navy SEAL but he failed the entrance test because he has STDP (Silly Things Done Poorly). It is a mixed up form of PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] - from falling on his head doing a somersault when he was little. Sebastian likes to act the comedian & make people laugh. He just wants to have fun. He mainly gets rusty chests for his performances. However he has managed to make the Wise Dragon in the Tower laugh so he got a silver chest from there. Life in the fast lane does not suit Sebastian. He likes his life in the Overgrown Pond - all play.

Sharing the Overgrown Pond with Sebastian is

Happy Turtle
Happy always wears a grin making him look happy (hence his name plus he brings me plenty of gold chests so I am happy). Happy is my gold chest King - 12 so far. He brings home plenty of gold chests from the Tavern - 7 so far. I got suspicious & followed Happy to find out how he got so many. It appears he hides under the dice table & snitches the player's gold when they aren't looking. It's one way to fill a chest, I suppose!

Oh, no! He's at it again! - drinking. Happy likes to visit Skull Pete because Skull Pete shares his liquor with Happy. He usually brings home gold chests after visiting. At the moment Skull Pete is not happy - he is looking for his rum & my guess is (from the look on Happy's face) Happy has drunk it all. Happy LOVES going to the Tavern. Salty gives him a drink or two or three or four or more......Happy rolls around home singing & well - happy! Maybe I have an alcohol-HIC turtle. I had better go look up AA.

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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Chapter 8.  Snazzy & Emerald


Sharing a room (actually Snazzy has under the bed) are

Snazzy Snail
Snazzy's favourite sport is the 100mm dash. She often took out the silver chest but then noticed them - BOYS! Now she wears her best colours, skin tight clothes & has me polishing her shell. When she lines up for a race, her eyes swivel left to right & back again looking for all the good looking male snails - real eye candy. Sometimes she is so busy looking around that she misses the start of the race & comes home with another rusty chest (from the Dungeon/Ice Rock/ Tavern/Castle Gates ). She has become so man-crazy that I told her I would not polish her shell for her anymore. Tonight when I took her to the Underground Grotto for the Rune Altar Race, she paid attention & guess what, she got a silver chest again. Sometimes you have to be stern to keep them on the straight & narrow.

Emerald Dragon
Emerald is the niece of the Wise Dragon in the Tower but he really wants nothing to do with her. Not since she burnt down his door & half the wall into his tower - she claims she had the hiccups but he still won't budge! Oh, well - win some, lose some!

With her devil-may-care attitude, Emerald loves to PARTEEEE! Every opportunity she gets, she shows off her beautiful sparkly green outfit. She loves to be with the "in" crowd - "in" the Throne Room/ "in" the Dungeon/ "in" the Underground Grotto/ "in" the Tavern/ "in" the Belfry. You get the picture. Sometimes she gets silver chests & sometimes she gets rusty ones.

She has a problem with the "at" crowd ("at" the Castle Gates/ "at the Ice Rock/ etc). It all began at an all-night rave held "at" the Castle Vicinity. Emerald was having a marvellous time - dancing on the Broken Carriage, talking to everyone, having a few drinks. However Emerald has a slight problem with holding her liquor - she loses control of her flame when she has had a few too many. She had a few too many! The result was a new attraction called the Burnt Tree. The "at" crowd was not impressed. Oh, well - win some, lose some!

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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Chapter 9.  Mandy & Steffany

Sharing a room are                

Mandy Manticore
Mandy is your average, wholesome girl-next-door type. She has had the 'hots' for the local bad boy since in her early teens & he has never noticed her. His picture adorned her wall & she would sit for ages 'mooning' over him. Now the bad boy has made good & become Tireless Racer - playing all the race circuits around Midnight Castle. Mandy followed him managing to get several silver chests (& a couple of rusty ones) on her journey around the circuits. She once meet her idol in the Underground Grotto when he presented her with the Golden Chest she had won in the Miss Race Day Contest but he still paid her no attention. Mandy returned home very 'down'. She stopped eating & purring. We have had to go to "therapy" to help her deal with her depression. She is not out-of-the-woods yet but she is showing signs of improving. Today I got a smile!!

Steffany Squirrel
Steffany is bright & chatty. She can talk the "leg off an iron pot". She likes visiting different people & always leaves before wearing out her welcome. She usually returns with silver chests.

Miss Squirrel is a hoarder. She hates throwing anything out & has little stashes of 'treasures' all over the room. It is getting rather messy in her room (under the bed is the worst).

Steffany loves her bling! - she often wears her jewellery. Hold on, is that the Glinting Earrings she has on? Where did she get those? A search of Stef'fany's room has turned up - the Blessing Pendant/ the Wild Necklace/ the Aquamarine Charm & the Bracelet of Seeing. It appears that when Steffany went visiting she helped herself to any bling she saw. She can't seem to help herself - a kleptomaniac with pack rat tendencies. So if Steffany has been to your place, please check your inventory for any missing bling!

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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Chapter 10.  Bright Eyes/ Liv

Oh, what a day! At some ungodly hour this morning I was woken by banging on my front door & a loud voice calling "Open up! This is the police!". I stumbled to the door & opened it - had no idea why they were there. After a search of my place, they carted off Sebastian. Seems in amongst all that overgrown stuff around the Overgrown Pond in my backyard, Sebastian has been growing "weed" (marijuana). Now I know why his performances are so poor - he said it made him feel like a Seal of Courage. I have had to go down to the station & post bail for Sebastian - 80 diamonds (how rich do they think I am!). Some days pets can be a real Headache!!!

Living in the closet under the stairs (her choice) is

Bright Eyes/ Liv Lemur
Bright Eyes is a friendly, inquisitive creature. She views the world with those big eyes of hers & loves to explore. She has found a gold chest in the Tower & lots of silver chests in other places. She comes home excited & chatty. She likes to climb on my shoulder - all the better to view her world, I suppose. I really love Bright Eyes but there is one small/big problem.

Oh, the door to her closet is opening.
Out comes - yep! Fur slicked up into spikes, chain slung around her neck, leather coat with skulls painted on it, sullen expression on her face & angry eyes. Yep! "Morning, Liv", I call. A snarl is the response. You see, Bright Eyes/ Liv is a regular Mr Hyde/ Dr Jekyll personality. Her gentle side is Bright Eyes but her rebellious side is Liv who has been known to bite the hand that feeds her. Liv runs with a really wild, bad gang of bikies. Their leader, Apocalypse Rider, really creeps me out especially with that death mask of his. Liv will come home for being out with them & slam a rusty or wooden chest down on the table. My response is "Thank you, Liv" & with another snarl, she will stomp off to her closet.

My other pets seem to accept this is just the way Bright Eyes/ Liv is. We all go with the flow & respond to the personality she shows at the time & try really, really hard not to upset Liv.

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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Chapter 11.  Hoppy

Where , oh, where has my little puppy gone? Where, oh, where can he be? While the other pets (not Cee_For - he has been "grounded") are out looking for the puppy, I will tell you about the second last of my pets.

Living in a room of his own (he refuses to share) is

Hopalong J. Tiger the Third (affectionately known as Hoppy)
Hoppy was born the runt of the litter. He could not run or stalk prey - he could only hop. His Ancestor's Spirit revealed that the "hopping" thing was a trait that surfaced every so often in the family; (Hoppy's great-uncle actually used this "hopping" on his way to stardom - you remember Tigger of Winnie-the-Pooh fame!). But this did not help Hoppy - it only made him the brunt of sibling bullying. One day Mrs Tiger up & left - taking her brood with her. All except Hoppy whom she abandoned on my doorstep. I adopted Hoppy.

Hoppy is a delight - he is also a pain in the ****. He can be sooo stubborn & he does not like sharing. Due to his early childhood trauma, Hoppy developed an obsessive-compulsive disorder. His room is meticulous in its tidiness & no-one (not even me) can enter his room without an invite. In his world everything has a place & everything MUST be in its place. He is like a Roaring Lion/ tiger if you touch his things. He is just as fastidious in his grooming - several times a day he uses the Golden Comb to clean his coat. His manners are impeccable. When visiting, he listens patiently & answers quietly (no, Piercing Shriek from Hoppy). Salty (in the Tavern) was so impressed -"such a polite young fella" - he gave him a gold chest. So did Henry (at the Ice Rock). Arabella (in the Underground Grotto) loves having a conversation with Hoppy - together they sit on the Pedestal of Wit. Arabella always calls when he leaves - "Come back soon!" and his gold chests from her are mounting. Several others have given him silver chests - no rusty chests for this tiger.

Hoppy believes the Card of Destiny dealt him a winning hand when he ended up in our motley crew. All's well that ends well & all that stuff!

Now if we could only find that puppy!