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PETS GONE WILD   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 5/7/18 by Dot (aussieDot1); 104965 views.
Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Dot's Home For Misfit Pets 

Halloween Mayhem   (Part 2)    

Through it  raced 3 furry bundles & 1 ghostly one.   Through the Great Hall they dashed & out the creaking front door.  The Dog Squad disappeared from view - each with their pilfered bone firmly clenched between it's teeth.  Into the Great Hall lumbered Creepy Carlos, the Butler.  His face screwed up into a picture of fury.  His voice set to the Volume of Fury.  His actions - pitching the skull he had been carrying in his hands at the disappearing miscreants - were definitely actions of fury! 

Carlos was followed by a scary vision.  He would have been tall if he stood up straight.  Instead he stooped with his head lower than his shoulders so from the back, he appeared headless.  He wore a tattered coat so dusty & torn it appeared as if he was wearing cobwebs.  His arms flailed about as he shambled into the room.  His hair stuck straight up in the air & he was RED - absolutely livid! 

I looked askance at All Hallows Jack.  Jack replied "It is the Scientist from the basement.  I had forgotten he was there.  It is so long since I last saw him.  I think his name is Mad  or something like that! "

The Mad Scientist screeched & ranted "They have ruined it!  Ruined it completely!  Years of work - all for nothing!!"

Again I looked askance at All Hallows Jack who just shrugged his thin shoulders .

"It was almost complete.  My greatest creation.  My masterpiece!  And, and those (flinging his arms toward the creaking front door, he gestured at the long-gone Dog Squad)- - - - - -ruined it!" 

Finally All Hallows Jack got the story out of him.  The Dog Squad had found the Scientist's laboratory  & snatched bones (carefully laid out on a table).  The Scientist had tried to chase them (to get the bones back) but he fell.  He hit a button on his experimental machine and ------.  Instead of turning the bones into a gigantic, scary T-Rex,  it turned the bones into a miniature T-Rex and worse, it was cute! 

All Hallows jack scowled at me when a pint-size, bright green T-Rex wandered into the Great Hall.  I understood that scowl - the pint-size would-be terror was now my responsibility.  I decided to call him Chomper when he kept chomping at the dragonfly & any other flying insect/ object that came within range of his teeth.   I tried calling & coaxing  him but to no avail.  Then Cerise Butterfly used herself as bait to lure the newest member of my menagerie home. The rest of the pets followed.

I made our apologies & was set to leave when I noticed I was 1 pet short.

To be continued .........................

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Dot's Home For Misfit Pets

Halloween Mayhem   (Part 3)

"Koko!" I yelled.  "Koko!"  I asked the other pets & they had seen Koko Monkey.  All I got was "no!".   Now Koko Monkey had grown but he was still the baby of my menagerie.  He even still carried his pacifier which he used when he was confused or afraid.  I raced around the Great Hall calling.  All Hallows Jack organised his minions - disgruntled though they were - to check all nooks & crannies in the Great Hall. 

The open inner door drew Hoppy Tiger's eye so he headed through it.  Next thing I know, Hoppy is pulling on my hand & making "Shh!" gestures with his paw.  Intrigued I followed Hoppy to a scene to both warm & break any mother's heart.

Koko Monkey sat on the floor outside a steel cage.  His arm was through the bars offering his pacifier to another ape inside the cage.  A very sad looking ape. 

All Hallows Jack had noticed our exit from the Great Hall & strolled after us.  When he saw what we were looking at, he grew angry.  He turned on Mad the Scientist who had entered from the other end.  "I told you 'no experimenting on animals'!" he roared.  Mad blustered that he wasn't experimenting on the little creature.  The mother of the little creature had been both an experiment & a friend but she had died.  Mad did not know what to do with the baby so he kept it in a cage. 

Meanwhile the baby and Koko were bonding - touching one another, making grunting noises & trying to play with one another although the bars kept getting in the way. 

All Hallows Jack asked if I would have the baby.  When I nodded, he turned to the Scientist & said "I will deal with you later!"  Then he opened the cage & enticed the baby to leave it.  The Scientist said that the baby liked bananas.  So I offered a banana.  Koko came to sit beside the baby which turned out to be a gorilla - a little girl gorilla.  I called her Honey. 

With Honey on my hip & Koko holding my hand . the rest of the pets & I went home.