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PETS GONE WILD   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 5/7/18 by Dot (aussieDot1); 94129 views.
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From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Castle Entry Clean-Up

AHH! Young love! The Werewolf Knight is working himself up to proposing to Anabel. He is in such a state that the Castle Entry has become very neglected. So some of the pets have organised a working-bee to help him.

Sebastian Seal is putting his new-found knowledge of gardening to good use. He tended the garden of the Harp in Blossom - keeping her blossoms blooming. He said he would clear away the Dead Mushroom. The Harp did not have a chest to give Sebastian so she gave him some Fairy Dust.

Gabbi Griffin cleaned & polished the Astral Lamp. Moths leave such a mess! The Knight was so distracted that he told her to keep the Dragon Fang she found (in fact she found several) & gave her a wooden chest.

Fireball Phoenix helped his cousin, Fountain Phoenix, to clean the Fire Fountain & dispose of the rubbish (up, in a puff of smoke!). Fountain Phoenix was so thankful that he let Fireball have a silver chest & the several Vampire Palm that they found.

Pup Puppy ran around & around with his long ears trailing on the ground - eventually he had swept the floor clean so the Knight gave him a rusty chest for his effort.

Cee-For got into the carriage with the Wheel of Fortune & he tinkered with the spinning mechanism. "So help me, Cee_For if this Wheel does not give me something good you are in trouble!" I cried when I found him. The Knight gave him a wooden chest to shoo him on his way.

A tired crew headed for home.

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From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Wedding Preparations (3 chapters)

Chapter 1.  The Grounds

Sir Oeland Silver Mane, the Werewolf/Iron Knight's father, has returned & given his permission for the union of his son & Anabel so now we are preparing a celebration at the Castle Gates. The pets have been roped in to clean, shop & cook.

Petunia Pig & Heather Hippo got to work with spit & polish to clean the grime from the Knight Lords. They rubbed & polished until the Lords shone. The Knight Lords loved their shiny new look so much they thumped their weapons into the ground startling Petunia who gave a squeal & fell on her backside. The Lords gave the girls a silver chest each.

Sebastian Seal tended the Rock Garden. He hosed the rocks down & with his flippers he carefully raked the small stones & gravel into intricate designs just like a Zen garden. He got the Midnight Rose & did an ikebana arrangement. Anabel was impressed. She apologised when she gave him a rusty chest but explained that, with the party expenses, she was running low on chests at the moment.

Hooter Owl & Steffany Squirrel got to work on the battlements & Belfry. Steffany scampered up the walls & pulled down the flags. She washed & dried & put them back up. Meanwhile Hooter cleaned & dusted the battlements & Belfry. Then he flew off, returning with the Torch (several of them) from the Crypt & a set of Northern Lights from the Column of the Fallen. He arranged them on the walls to light up the area. The Werewolf/Iron Knight was delighted with the effect. However, like Anabel, he was low on funds so could only give Hooter & Steffany a rusty chest each.

Hoppy Tiger raked the area & Prickles Hedgehog picked up all the litter. Their reward was a rusty chest each.

Snazzy Snail climbed into the Prison Cell. As she worked to clean it, she talked to the skeleton magician. She even washed his**** cloth (the one over his magic top hat). He had had no-one to talk to for ages & he was very lonely. When Snazzy finished cleaning, he was so thankful that he did some magic tricks for her - ending up with several Manticore Eyes which he gave to Snazzy along with a silver chest.

Fireball Phoenix used his heat to burnish the metal on the Raven Stone. Then he scrubbed & cleaned the rest. Excited about his new look, the Raven Stone gave Fireball several bottles of Nocturnal Blood as well as a silver chest.

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From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Chapter 2.  Food Shopping

Mandy Manticore, Emerald Dragon, Pauly Parrot & Happy Turtle went shopping for food.
Happy went to see his old friend, Skull Pete at Mirror Lake. When he asked about fresh seafood, Skull Pete led him to the Pirate Ship. Here Happy got fish, crabs & octopus. Skull Pete threw in some olives and eggplants as well.
Emerald dashed off to the Mirrors for some cheese, cherries, grapes & strawberries. While she was there she also collected some candy for after-dinner snacking.
Pauly flew off to the Battle Pit. Here he got some bread & a couple of lobsters. He returned with one of the lobsters attached to his tail feathers by its pincers - not happy!
Mandy headed off to the Tavern. At the Bar Counter she asked Salty for the freshest fruit - apples, pears & cherries - plus some onions, carrots, nuts & candy. From the Game Table she got mushrooms (not Fungus Among Us) & candy. Mandy also visited the Crypt to pick up some garlic & corn and the Broken Carriage for some eggs.

While she was at the Tavern, Mandy came across Cee_For who volunteered to go to the Frozen Treasure for some shrimp he had 'on ice'. Apparently he has the Ice Key & has been using the Frozen Treasure room as cold storage. He came back with some muffins as well.
Cee-For & Salty also sent over some Moonshine for the party.

Happy, Pauly, Cee-For & Mandy each got a rusty chest for their efforts.

Chapter 3.  The Celebration

It was the day of the party & all that was left to do was cook.

Emerald offered to cook the fish. She demonstrated a new meaning for the term - 'flame-grilled'.

Cuddles turned out to be a cook a- la-excellent. He prepared the salads - garnishing them with grated cheese & chopped olives. He made a fruit compote as well as a fruit flan for dessert. He popped corn. He heated up the bread & muffins so they tasted fresh & yummy! He boiled the crabs & shrimps & then put them 'on ice'. He marinaded the octopus, grilled the eggplants & sautéed the mushrooms. He prepared a lobster mornay.

For her part in the preparations, Emerald received a silver chest. The happy couple were so appreciative of Cuddles' efforts that they gave him a gold chest.

Finally it was all ready. With the Knight and Anabel looking on & joining in, it was time to PARTEE!!! Oh what a day & Knight, what fun we had!!

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Fireball –The Delinquent

You WHAT! Fireball had just informed me he had gone into business - Phoenix Protection Services.
The Keeper of Wishes in the Mystery Chamber has paid him 2 gold chests & 3 silver chests so far to protect her from the assassin.
Fireball had found the assassin in the City Square. He warned him not to try anything funny. Chris the Assassin laughed & tossed a rusty chest at Fireball. Fireball gave him a hot foot & then sent Liv and her friend, Apocalypse Rider & his gang to pay a little visit to Chris. The assassin now pays Fireball to protect him from Liv & her friends - 2 gold chests & 1 silver chest so far.

"Well!! Now you can lay off the Ice Monster at Ice Rock," I say. "Okay!" Fireball replied. "He has run out of gold & silver chests anyway - only has rusty ones left."
Some days you just can't win an argument.

"Anything else?" I query. "Only the Binding Egg," he replied. Apparently, to avoid becoming hard-boiled, the Binding Egg has agreed to supply Fireball with several Blood Lotus. "That's extortion," I said. "No, it is the Binding Egg employing me to protect itself from me!" he replied. I can feel a Headache coming on.

To all the players having trouble getting a Blood Lotus from the Binding Egg, I apologise. Fireball has first dibs & he is talking about teaming up with Cee_For Cat & expanding into the Castle black market. Cee_For has found 2 great storage areas where they can stow all the items they plan to sell. The first area is in the Frozen Treasure Room to which Cee_For gains entry by using the Ice Key he stole. The second area is in the Headstone in the Ancient Park - a little deal he has going with the Headstone statues. At present Fireball & Cee_For are talking to Salty & some of his contacts about setting up business.

I shake my head. Sometimes there is no reasoning with them & you just have to let them go!

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From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Mirror Lake

Emerald Dragon is pouting (again)! Emerald is very good at pouting. I think she practises in front of her bedroom mirror. Sebastian Seal & Pup Puppy have been telling Emerald what a great time they had playing with the Kraken. Now Emerald wants to see the Kraken. Trouble is Emerald & Skull Pete do not get along - he calls her the "Party Diva" in that snide way of his & Emerald gets huffy about it. So Emerald is pouting until Cee_For Cat leans over & whispers in her ear. Then a big smile lights her face. "Really!" she asks? Cee_For nods & the two disappear. Apparently Skull Pete has gone away for the day & while the pirate is away, the pets will play!!

Cee_For takes along a bottle of Moonshine plus he finds Skull Pete's rum so hands that to Emerald as well. While Cee_For goes off to see what else he can find, Emerald goes over to the Kraken. She asks the Bow Figure to join in as he already has his own bottle of wine. Soon the 3 of them are having a merry time. They come up with a game - Fireball tossing. Have a drink & see how far you can blow a flame! Emerald & the Kraken throw the Fireballs while the Bow Figure is the referee. Emerald was winning until she hiccoughed when she was blowing her Fireball. It barely missed Skull Pete's (who had just arrived back) hat & landed smack dab in the centre of the Skull & Crossbones flag Skull Pete loved - setting it on fire. "OUT!" roared Skull Pete, shoving a rusty chest at Emerald. She looked haughtily at Skull Pete & said "You have to do better that that!" Tossing a silver chest at Emerald as well, Skull Pete pointed to the way out & went off to rescue his beloved skull & crossbones.

Meanwhile, Cee_For slunk off with a rusty chest he had found. I don't think Skull Pete even knew he was there. My little sneak thief is very good at not being noticed so I suggest to everyone, check your inventory. You never know, Cee_For may have paid you a visit.

Meanwhile, Cee_For slunk off with a rusty chest he had found. I don't think Skull Pete even knew he was there. My little sneak thief is very good at not being noticed so I suggest to everyone, check your inventory. You never know, Cee_For may have paid you a visit.

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From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Ghost Stories

It all began with a comment from Cee_For "I'm no scaredy cat!" Others were very quick to say they were not either. So it was decided that - they would show their bravery by having a story-telling session - telling ghost stories - in a gloomy, spooky place. The Ancient Park with its Weeping Stone Fairy/ Headstone & Sad Gargoyle was declared the ideal place so the intrepid little group trooped off. Once at the Ancient Park, they decided to have a look around first.

Prickles Hedgehog found a rusty chest in the reeds along the edge of the Overgrown Pond and Sebastian Seal found a rusty chest in the Overgrown Pond.

Hoppy Tiger went up to the Stone Fairy & asked why she was crying? The Fairy was so relieved someone wanted to talk to her that she gave Hoppy a gold chest.

Steffany Squirrel scampered up the tree to check out the Tree Face. It suddenly opened it's mouth & there was a gold chest - Steffany quickly grabbed the chest & scooted down the tree before the Tree Face could change it's mind & close it's mouth.

Fireball Phoenix had a little chat to the Headstone statues & using a little 'persuasion', he was given a gold chest! Honestly that boy!

They were preparing to have the scary story session when it started to rain. They all dashed inside the Chapel, pulling up short when a ghostly apparition appeared in front of them. It was Valeria's Spirit and she welcomed the company. Soon the brave little group was seated around Valeria listening to "live" ghost stories from a "real" ghost.

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Count Vesnik Returns

SURPRISE! For me! A uncle I never knew has returned - Count Vesnik, the original owner of the Castle. He disappeared many years ago while searching for his lost wife & daughter. Now he is back (on his own) & has taken up residence in the Throne Room. The Lord Chamberlain/Bat has been relegated to a shelf. So some of the pets & I go to welcome him home.

Pup Puppy is the first one to spot the Count. He gives an excited yip & makes a mad dash towards the Count, trips on his ears, slides across the floor & lands in a heap at the Count's feet. Pup gets up, shakes himself & gives his big goofy grin. The Count laughs & bends to scratch Pup behind the ears. "You are a funny one!" he states. Pup does a 'happy dance' with his tail wagging furiously. He is rewarded with a silver chest.

Next Mandy Manticore approaches, offering the Count some cookies she has made. The Count is delighted with this show of welcome & gives her a silver chest.

Hoppy Tiger politely compliments the Count on his colourful, dapper outfit made of crushed velvet & satin & inquires as to who the Count's tailor is. Pleased with this polite & gentlemanly young fellow, the Count gives Hoppy a silver chest.

I welcome the Count home. He said he would like a tour to see the condition of the Castle. He was not happy when he saw the wall between the Throne Room & the Tower. "Who did that!" he roared.

Deciding to face the music, Emerald Dragon owned up. She introduced herself & said she was the niece of the Wise Dragon in the Tower. She apologised for losing control of her flame when she hiccupped. Deciding he like her honesty - a rare trait in young people nowadays - the Count accepted her apology & gave her a silver chest.

We depart to allow the Count to settle in & have a rest before I take him on that tour.

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The Repairs

Repairs badly needed! Sooo much to do!" groaned the Count after I took him on a tour of the Castle. He decided he would start in the Throne Room. The burned wall & door between the Throne Room & the Tower would have to come out & he was getting a stone wall & archway put in. In order for work to start, the Dead Ambassador needed to be moved & a new hiding pace for his chest needed to be found. The Count ordered that the Ambassador be buried with all due respect. While they were at it, they also buried the 3 skeleton prisoners from the Dungeon & the one from the Prison Cell hanging on the Castle Wall. Fireball Phoenix, Happy Turtle & Cuddles Panda helped move all the skeletons & inter them. For their assistance the Count gave them each a silver chest. Perdita Pegasus & Sebastian Seal paid their respects to those being buried & were rewarded with a rusty chest each.

As Emerald Dragon was at fault with the Throne Room wall, she had to remain in the Throne Room & clean up after the stone masons finished. Pup Puppy, due to his past escapade with the skeletons, was not allowed to attend the funerals so he remained in the Throne Room & helped Emerald clean up. The Count was very pleased with the finished result & gave both Emerald & Pup a silver chest each.

More changes are on the way. Already I can feel the positive vibes starting in the Castle. The pets & I have much to do.

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Summer Garden

Summer has arrived in the Castle - the Winter Garden is now the Summer Garden. Flowers are in bloom. Birds have nested, hatched their young & are now feeding the hatchlings. A squirrel now keeps the Lady Reader company. "A SQUIRREL!" shouts Steffany Squirrel. She is off to meet the new arrival. Following (at a somewhat slower pace) is Gabbi Griffin & Prickles Hedgehog. Cee_For Cat trails behind - he is going to check his stores in the Frozen Treasure???

Steffany quickly make the acquaintance of the new resident - called SG (short for Summer Garden) Squirrel. They happily chatter away.

Prickles sees another hedgehog & tries to make friends with it. However it is a 'here today/ gone in a click' type animal & so Prickles dips out on a new friend. He is filled with a sense of Bitter Loss. Gabbi gives Prickles a Pendant of Sympathy & together they explore the Summer Garden. Gabbi finds a wooden chest while Prickles finds a rusty one.

Cee_For did not go to the Frozen Treasure, instead he is stalking the mama bird feeding her hatchlings. Steffany spots him & raises the alarm. The Lady Reader gets very angry with Cee_For & threatens to put Cee_For in the rusty chest she thrusts at him. "GO!" she says "And don't come back until you can behave!" Cee_For flicks his tail in disdain & stalks off.

For her part in avoiding a minor crisis in the Summer Garden, the Lady Reader gives Steffany a gold chest. Steffany is pleased to have both a gold chest & a new friend.

The trio hurry home to tell everyone all about the lovely new garden.

The RedBird Moves In

Noting the empty cage hanging on the Castle wall, Fireball Phoenix went in search of the Count. He told the Count that a relative on his mother's side - a Red Firebird (called RedBird) - was currently homeless & searching for some place to live. Fireball politely asked if RedBird could make his home in the empty cage. The Count was agreeable. On the day that RedBird moved in, Fireball went to visit at the Castle Gates. Perdita Pegasus also went along as did Pup Puppy.

Perdita was looking for her ribbons to hold back her flowing mane. The last time she could remember having them was at the Broken Well when one snagged on the well edge. So Perdita was going to see if she could find them. While Pup was going just because he did not want to be left behind.

Perdita was searching the ground around the Broken Well while Pup ran around the Well rim peering inside to see if they had fallen into the well. Overbalancing, as he usually does, Pup fell into the Well. Luckily, the Well was dry & full of "stuff". Pup dug through the "stuff" & found Perdita's ribbons. He also found a silver chest & a rusty chest which he was not leaving behind. The trick was getting out of the Well with his 'finds'. After several attempts, he had to ask Perdita to help. Perdita had to take the chests before she could rescue Pup. Pup gave her the silver chest & kept the rusty one for himself.

Meanwhile Fireball introduced himself to RedBird - a rather large bird with a 'frosty' manner. Off-put by the 'frosty' manner & stern look, Fireball made his visit short & sweet. For finding somewhere for him to live, RedBird gave Fireball a gold chest as a thank you gift.

Pleased with their haul, the three pets headed home.