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Help Needed please   Technical Issues

Started 5/14/20 by criccieth10; 2680 views.

From: criccieth10


Thanks Tracy

I am on the master list and Chilpep is also one of my friends.

I definitely will be keeping a record of my inventory going forward!

Thanks again for your kind wishes



From: criccieth10


Thanks Robert for your advice

I have definitely learnt a valuable lesson and will be keeping a record of everything going forward




From: anglegirl70


Hi Elsie,

I play on PC.  I would be glad to help you all I can.  I'm on level 91.  I will send you an invite to my game.  If you want  You can accept it.  If you don't feel you need to that's ok.  I wish you the best of luck.  I know I would be devestated if that happened to me.  I have not backed my stuff up in a long time.  I guess I should be doing that also.  I play as anglegirl 70

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


If you need more friends send me a invite, My game id's are Robert-689618 and Robert2-689507.


From: Tannie2018


I don't know if this would be helpful to you, but what I do is take a screen shot once a month. A spreadsheet is just too much for my brain to deal with.

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


if I want to take a screen shot I use my phone,  I may start doing that instead of a spread sheetr, I just got a new phone, the old one did not have a good camera. just make sure the numbers and everything is readable and to save it., and remember to erase to old one. Most camera's will put a date/time stamp on the picture for you, so you will know witch one to erase.

play with you phone camera  and the game till you get it perfect. you just do not save any bad pictures.

Lia (LiaHellas)

From: Lia (LiaHellas)


Hi there Criccieth10.

I am so sorry for your being in this situation.  I know the feeling, exactlysweat

My main game L*I*A crashed in October 2015 and it took BF's Customer Support  6 months  to restore it. Of course, like you, the restoration came with almost no Inventory at all. 

Fortunalety, I was on Level 36 and the achievements, coins, diamonds and items (crafted, pet food etc) were not, in any way, as many as they are now on Level 95. 

Moreover, I was lucky enough to have a second game (Olympia) at that time, which was 2 or 3 levels behind. This helped me make a list of all the Olympia's inventory and with the help of a friend I managed to make a full list with everything that Customer Support should restore to my L*I*A account when it was restored.

Soooo, I had made an excel spreadsheet with all this inventory BUT until level 36 (2.225/2.880) and I still have it in my PC    stuck_out_tongue_winking_eyeinnocent - Nowadays, I take video of my inventory every now and then wink

I know it's a long way until Level 97 but it may be of some help to you. I had entered all inventory items in Alphabetical Order. 

Let me know if you want me to send it to you. I would gladly do it. Moreover I could send you some pics of my L*I*A inventory (Level 95) to add to your list.

Stay safe MC players heart_eyes

Lia tulip

In reply toRe: msg 1

Yes, I lost my game, too.. only to have it restored after a few days with almost zero inventory...I WAS ABLE, with the help of friends, to complete the spring Castle Challenge, but was so bummed playing a game that didn't look like mine...I didn't take enough advantage of the private rooms for coin. 

Coin isn't the problem, tho I used to have over 6 million and Elephant gave me back just 4 million...they did give me more diamonds than I had but …. I lost not only inventory, but some ancient ACHIEVEMENTS, along with (I thought) a few avatars. Nope, I am locked out of 14 of my avatars!  

Also, the private rooms ALL need to be reset...every single stick of 'furniture'.   Feels incredibly unfair especially since I had spent so much inventory & time to get that Magic Miser. 

Am finally writing them back, to beg for (if not inventory...please, my achievements and avatars!)

I have ancient inventory pics on google photo cloud...I mean from a couple years ago...only recent pic is just of extra pet eggs.  

Bopped back into the forum to ask about Furniture Finder achievement, as am pretty sure I had it, but not sure of the number...I was current before game crashed.   I might just post it as a separate HELP post, as I really need to finish this letter to Elephant. 

HI, Robert!

My advice (not that I was smart enough to stay on top of it and may never get my inventory returned from the nasty crash)

would be to take advantage of Google's Photo cloud.  


From: anglegirl70


Hi Robert.  May I ask you what kind of program you use or do you make up your own like in Excell.  Thank you and thank you for being so helpful to all of us.

                                                                                             Sandy (anglegirl70)