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Tablet   Technical Issues

Started 5/16/20 by twitchn77; 638 views.

From: twitchn77


Hi! I'm new to this so please bear with me, my player name is twitchn ??, game number a1322518, so I am wondering if I get a new tablet how do I download this present game on to it, I was on level 95 once and screwed that up and had to start over

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


I have transferred several games from old to new tablets. My pretty2 will be next after the spring event. Big fish customer service can easy transfer a game to a new device. You download the game on to the new tablet, then open the new game and get your new  player id,  Then you send a service ticket to big fish costumer service with you old game id, new game id and ask them to transfer your game from the old id to the new one. If you tell them everything you need I the first email, the transfer is usually done within 24hours. Write down all you friends id's they doe not transfer so you will have to reinvite them to the new id, There are other methods to transfer a  game, hopefully other players will write to you about those. When big fish transfers your game from one id to another the only thing you loose is your friends.


From: twitchn77


Sounds good, thanks a lot, I was on level 95 and lost everything, mostly my fault that's why I'm trying to check it out