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Lost Spring Has Arrived    Technical Issues

Started May-19 by Savina (Savina1); 575 views.
Savina (Savina1)

From: Savina (Savina1)


Spring Has Arrived started late for me with the world’s troubles! I don’t think I need to remind anyone?  disappointed_relieved

But I managed to get through the Event, Until.....I received a message telling me we want to update. I proceeded with the update and lost the entire Spring Has Arrived Event!

All my effort and hard-work was gone  sob

Sad thing is, I missed out on receiving the beautiful Fairy ‍?? 

Has anyone else experienced this same problem?


Unfortunately you're not the only one who had the issue of losing a game.  I had 7 friends who lost their games during this event and each had different outcomes after contacting Big Fish.  You'll find other discussion about this issue in the Technical Issues folder.

Savina, that is really odd.  I believe the Spring Event only has one day left and it looks like they jumped the gun with your game it early.  I can't believe you managed to get through the whole Event only to have it disappear on you.  If you close out the game and log back in, is the SE still gone?


From: Playbelle


Sorry Savina!

The one piece of good news I can give you is that you will probably get another chance to get the pretty Spring Fairy avatar.  For the last year or so they've let us choose our final reward avatar in any Castle Challenge.  The last avatar in the challenge has a little blue button with a white circling arrow.  If you click on the circling arrow button you can swap out that avatar for any of the previous Castle Challenge avatars.  You can change your mind as many times as you want until the end of the challenge.

It's only the final avatar you can change, the two others in that Castle Challenge are fixed, whether you are fans of them or not.  Letting us choose that last one is one of my favorite game developments.  relaxed