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Very surprised to see BigFish doing this!   Achievements and Musings

Started May-21 by Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1); 2119 views.

Someone pointed out that BigFish is now offering a huge number of their CEs  (older, more recent, and even very new ones) over at Steam ---- for less money than at their site!

Most games are $9.99 unless they happen to be on sale in which case they can drop as low as $3.49 ---- compared to $19.99 (or $13.99 if you are a "member" of their rip-off "club").

I know that there are many who feel loyalty to BigFish (never understood why), but the cash savings here is huge! I picked up "Midnight Calling: Anabel CE" for $9.99 after seeing that BF wanted $19.99 at their site. (nice game, btw) Then I looked at other BF games and was astonished to see the glut of CEs available for so much less money.

So glad I said goodbye to BF long ago when they closed their forums. That was when I realized how little they respect their customers, and one good reason you never see me gushing out "thank yous" to BF.

Anyway, I hope you will check out the huge savings they have made available on their games by going to another site ---- one that is bigger and better than BF ever was or is. Thanks, BigFish! LOL

(was not sure where to put this so I put it here)

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BTW, after getting that first Midnight Castle game, I bought (so far ---- ouch, wallet!) 16 other games for a total savings of almost $180.00! 

I hope everyone will at least take a look, and if anyone has any questions about Steam and its particulars, I am happy to help with that anytime.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


I got my plush fish in the mail the day after I quit BF games membership.

I found that a tad ironic.

Well, you're one step ahead of me ---- I never got mine. (*sigh*)

Myelle (Myelle01)

From: Myelle (Myelle01)


What plush fish? I don’t recall there being one offered.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


They send it out to you for free if you've been a member for a year.

It takes a few months to arrive.

I gave it to my cat.


From: anglegirl70


Hi Jenny,   I take it that's another website.  Could you give me a link to that please.  I would like to check out their games.  Thank you so much for sharing this with us.  Sandy (anglegirl70)


Sure ----

or just Google "Steam" or "Steam games"

Like BF, there is a "manager" called the "Steam Client" which would need to be installed for your games ---- but only if you decide to buy anything.


From: Honeyphan


 My boys told me about Steam, and I've been buying games from them for years. Bigfish games (but I also buy from Bigfiish). :)

I make a list of those I want - and if Steam has the CE versions (and I want them) - I put them on a wishlist there (love that they have that!) - I wait for the best sales - which are usually at Christmas - Thanksgiving Day starts one too - (thru Black Friday weekend, if I recall correctly) (there are three major ones a year, when every HOS and HOPA game is anywhere from 40% - 70% off sometimes more - and I buy CEs for as little as $4.49 - sometimes less. If the game I want is not at that price, I wait, because eventually it will drop lower. There is a sale going on right now on a lot of games I have on my wishlist (I have about 50 there) - but the prices are $5.99 - and I know it will go lower, so I wait. :)

They also do weekly deals - not always as good as the major sales - and bundle packs (which are nice if you have a lot of games from that and give you even more of a discount)

Biggest drawback from what I've seen - I have heard that their customer service isn't very good. I don't know, I never have had to deal with it myself - but from the comments made, if a game is glitched or doesn't work right - you don't get a free game coupon for SE or CE like Bigfish offers- or anyone to help troubleshoot the problem. They are not good about contacting you back. I have never had that problem with Bigfish, and Customer service there has always been very helpful (along with a free game coupon they send puts them at a "10" in my book, because you never lose money if something there isn't working right - member or not.)

So, I buy from both. :)

I wait and buy the games from Steam that are on my wishlist on their big sales (best one is during Christmas month)

And I buy at Bigfish for those SE or CE games that Steam doesn't have - for instance, they have  maybe 3 of a series I enjoy that Bigifish has all of them, and they don't publish a new HOPA game every day, only releasing a few a month. Though some of the more popular ones, they have them all or at least look like they are getting them all (Dark Parables for instance). I also wait for Bigfish's weekly deals at $2.99 for any SE I have on my wishlist for BF (as a text document since they don't offer a wishlist on their site) - and only those that Steam doesn't carry.

I have saved oodles of money while still getting the games that appealed - and CEs for wonderful prices - and have been doing this for years. :)

It also helps to have my sons on Steam, because they have games we can play together there (while on different computers) and do that too. :)

Edited to add - Steam doesn't have test trials for all their games like Bigfish, only a few of them - so I usually trial on Bigfish, then decide whether to go with Steam or not.

Through the months I build a list of Bigfish only games that are CE (that Steam doesn't have) and I become a member only long enough to get those at the 65% off days and the 70% off coupon (usually involving a seek and find game they sometimes do as a promotion). When my list is ended, I stop being a member. I only become one for my wanna buy list. Around Christmas is the best time, thru Jan. After that, the type of games offered I don't really like (time management, Match 3 only, etc) - so I quit becoming a member then and usually only am one for 1- 3 months to get my wannas. :) (including SEs I get for free- those I like but aren't worth a CE- with their bonus coupons from buying the CEs I wanted.)

  • Edited May 23, 2020 4:36 pm  by  Honeyphan

I'm so glad you are saving some money at Steam. Me, too!

I can tell you that even though there are not a lot of demos at Steam, you can buy any game and try it out for 2 weeks or 2 hours, and if you are not happy with it they will refund your money. So I have never had any difficulty getting a refund. And they will frequently provide you with a way to contact the developers directly (that concept would give the suits at BF collective heart failure), and sometimes the developers will give you valuable tips and help while you still remain eligible for refunds. And every single developer I have ever talked to is friendly as can be. (including Elephant Games) So I would have to say that customer service at Steam is excellent ---- whereas I think the customer service at BF is a true struggle to get around their generic replies, their "fishies", "swimming in the pond", etc. childishness, and their reluctance to really help beyond sending you to the various outdated articles. I would rather get in a streetfight with the town bully than deal with customer service at BF ---- whereas I have always been treated well at Steam. But maybe others have not had the good fortune I have at Steam ---- but they really are not bad like you have heard at all.

And the 2 biggest sales of the year at Steam are the summer sale and Christmas sale ---- summer sale coming soon!! But every Monday they put up about 1,000 different games for sale ---- so every Monday afternoon I get an email with the games on sale from my wishlist. Almost always 3 or 4 every week that I want. Also, they have midweek madness, weekend sales, and publisher sales all the time.

Have you ever gone to the bundle sites for "bundles" of games ---- such as IndieGala, Fanatical, or Humble Bundle (charity based) among others? Talk about bargains! You look over the bundles (usually 6-10 games in a bundle), and pay a very, very low price for the bundle. Then you get a Steam Key for each game ---- go to Steam and add the game! I recently bought an Artifex Mundi game bundle at Fanatical for $3.99 and got 8 great Artifex Mundi CEs which I added to my Steam Library ---- and that works out to 50 cents per game. Sometimes you get games in a bundle that you may not want ---- for me, some of the more active "shoot 'em ups" that I don't want so I give the Steam keys to my grandsons. You might do that for your sons.

Here is a link to a site that will tell you all games currently available in bundles"

Anyhow, the point is that no one needs to pay the inflated prices being charged at Big Fish anymore. (And, I'm sure you can tell that I am definitely not a fan of Big Fish). Even BF themselves recognize that their prices are out of line because they now offer the same games for less at Steam ---- even recent ones, like "Fright Chasers" and the new Edgar A Poe are available there.

Steam saves money ---- and lots of it!!!!