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Game stops loading at 99%   Technical Issues

Started May-22 by Playbelle; 552 views.

From: Playbelle


It started last night and I hoped it would be okay today, but my game stops loading at 99% and just hangs there.

I play on a PC and it's not connected to a Facebook account.  I'm dreading the thought of doing another "transfer progress" to a new game ID.

Maybe there's a way to avoid that?  I've only ever done a reinstall on a new computer (or one that had everything wiped).  Does anyone know whether my game progress would be saved if I'm using the same, intact computer and just uninstall the game using the Big Fish Game Manager and then reinstall it?

Thanks in advance for advice!

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


YES< on pc you can uninstall and reinstall the game using game manager without loosening your progress.

Transferring a game from one id to another is very easy though. you just start a new game get the new game id. Then put in a service ticket with big fish. In the first service ticket email l you tell them that you want your game transferred to a new ID then you list old id number new id number, all in the first email so you do not have to send multiple emails. They usually do the transfer within 24 hours.   It only gets complicated when you have to exchange multiple emails with them. 


From: Playbelle


Thanks Robert!

My game issue did eventually resolve without needing to do anything, but that's really good to know.  I'm pretty sure I'll need to do it at some point.

Yeah, I've transferred IDs a few times with new computers and computer crashes.  They must like you better than me because it's never been as fast as 24 hours (more like 48-72 hours for me).  

I appreciate your help very much!


From: LadyDiFL


It appears I am late to your post...however, I have found that if I just close down the computer and re-boot it works itself through to 100% on the game load.


From: Lenore5000


Yes, you are in luck, as long as your drivers and updates are up-to-date.   You must send a technical request to Midnight Castle with the new game, include New Friend Code and the name your using, the Old Friend Code and the name you are using, ask them to port the new one over, be sure to give them your diamonds, coins and the level you were on, the date and time you stopped playing old game, date and time you downloaded the new game the more information they have the better they can find your old game.   If you don't have all the information don't worry, their tech support has done this plenty of times and will find your old game.  To send this request go to your game manager and hit the blue button that say help, top right and go from there.  Good luck.