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Wondering when to delete friends   Friends

Started Jun-3 by Howdah (smitcheltree); 1141 views.

I am never sure when to delete friends after months of inactivity. I know that I had a lot of inactivity a couple times due to medical reasons. I am on PC. One friend, DJ has been inactive for some time but had message that she had charger problems. If she had gotten the game back on a new PC, if she would contact me I will invite her again. Today I noticed that Lorene has dropped me. I am not sure if this was an accident or on purpose. 

I also have two friends with the message CU at next CC. They both have eggs on their wish list. Is this something new? It seems greedy if they are not active to request eggs. I do gift an occasional egg, but this is ridiculous. 

I also learned not all inactive friends are red. My Potlatch game died in October. It was red for a while, now is green again. I kept myself as a friend so I could access the anniversary room. When the computer died I was totally unable to go into the game to delete wish list, so hope no one is still gifting that game. 

I am kind of rambling, but would like your thoughts. If you do have a friend who is green, who has not changed room through several seasons, does not gift you and their level has stayed the same, how long do you keep them? How long do you keep a red friend? 

Ok so I'm going to give you my thoughts.  I have several hundred friends but they're in different categories.  Some I gift regularly with, some who only gift during the seasonal events, some I "rent" their rooms for events and they don't expect/want gifts, and others who have never gifted but as long as they change their rooms for the events then I keep them. 

I also keep friends (who for what ever reason had to get a new id) former ids if they have an event room showing that I can use for a specific event.  Will eventually have to delete those when the glitch happens (and it will happen again) where we have to change something in our rooms to fix it so they are playable to others. Since those rooms can't be fixed then they'll be unplayable so I'll delete them at that time.  

I don't like to delete friends but I did recently because they've been showing a non HOS event room for quite awhile.

I have DJ as a friend, haven't deleted because they have the Spring Room 2 available.

So that's my thoughts, I'm sure others will come along with their own.  That's the beauty of this game, we all have different ways of playing...…...

I don't like deleting friends either because I hope that they will come back at some point. I guess the change of HOS rooms is a good indicator, so I will start noting that on my list. Right now almost half of my friends are inactive. I would think with the COVID stay at home thing if anything people would be playing more. I have to chase them down through my list and when I find them they either have no wish list or are red. And with the people who put a + or * in front of their names, they are even harder to find. I am still getting more than I am giving so I shouldn't complain, but if someone has quit the game I would just as soon drop them. A couple are around the early 70s level, and I remember that was when I was getting so frustrated with the game because it was taking so much of my resources to keep playing. I just never had enough coins or diamonds it seemed. Sometimes I didn't even have enough to play all three rounds of dice. I have given up on other games when I got to places like that, but with MC I enjoyed the HOS so much that sometimes that is all I would do for a couple weeks, and eventually my resources built up enough that I could enjoy the game again. 


When an event starts I have a list of my friends (in the order they appear in the private room, which is by their game number). Then I check off those who are showing the room(s) for the event along with a note on which pet is showing.  This is one good way to show which players are actually playing the event since most players will at some point during the event change their pet.  Then after a couple of events if a player hasn't changed their room or their pet then I know I can probably put Permanent Room next to their name.  This is also a good way to keep track when a player changes their game name to a message, I make a note on my list.

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


The  red and green indictor's have never been reliable. A person goes red after a week of not playing.  I use the events and only delete friends the have not changed to the current event room. I usually do my event friend cleanup about ten days before the event ends. The other way is if a friends posts that they changed games, transferred game and got new Id number.


From: Susanna502MC


I started to describe my method, but I am really a list person and it gets pretty complicated. Here are some notes: At the start of a gifting period, anyone who doesn't have a wishlist will automatically move to the end of the friends pages. Also, anyone you have gifted since the start of the new day. Once you have gifted 5, if you exit the friends page and then go back in, the friends pages will resort to alphabetical until the start of the next gifting period. Anyone with a number at the beginning of their name will be after John and before A. Most punctuation marks also, but there are a few that will go after Z.

On the red inactive markers, I think the game resets everyone to green periodically and then they go red again after about 7-10 days of no activity.

Thank you everyone. I will start noticing which rooms people have open during the next event. Wonder if we will have another Anniversary event this year. 


For the future the only game I will be playing (Myrtle)  will be for events only OR if we have an update in the story line.   The others Trixie Belle is on a computer that is on its last legs, Cattipuss, Silky on the desk top with Myrtle will be events only for friends to use for the rooms.  Pouncy cat is also an event only game as I rarely use that laptop as it is in the work room and I can never remember the password to log in.  Feel free to delete any or all of them if it suits your game playing better.

OK, I will mark the Silky game and not bother searching for it when it comes up to gift. I will keep the friend in case I need access to the private room. Thank you and good luck. 

No worries.  Bear the other games in mind if you next extra rooms for the next event