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List of Shard Values?   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Jun-4 by diamondgrlva; 415 views.

From: diamondgrlva


Hi...does any one know if there is a list of shard values for crafted items around?  I swear I saw an item with 70 shards but can't locate it.



Here it is:

You can find it in the folder “ Tips, Tricks, Guides, and Advice “. In a post titled, “ Complete Index-Tips, Tricks, and Guides”.

I hope it helps!!

Stay safe and well!!



From: Tannie2018


Not sure if you are aware, but the Ice Breath shards for 40, and only costs 290 to gift to friends. Many of us trade it to collect shards for achievement and Trina quests. I am currently looking to add a few friends to trade the Ice Breath. I play on pc with code of 601436 if you are interested.


From: Honeyphan


Thank you from me as well! :)

I am working to get the Magic Miser achievement - am over halfway there - and this list is something I was hoping for that is very helpful at this time! (thanks also to the maker of it! :)))

Got a while before the ice breath becomes available to me (I'm almost at level 40) so am trying to make a dent at least. lol

Am looking forward to the Anniversary event - have my room open and waiting - but it looks like it won't be until July? (if they have it again this year, which I would think they would...)

happy hunting!


  • Edited June 4, 2020 8:01 pm  by  Honeyphan

Hi Honey!! wave
I hope you and your family are staying safe and doing well!! 
It has been much too long since we have caught up...we have to put that on our “to-do list”!! wink

No thanks is necessary at all!! I am more then happy to help out with anything and everything when and where I am able to do so!!
I can’t believe that you are almost at lvl 40!! WTG!! Have you opened all the slots in the Anniversary Room?? 
PM me if you need anything at all!! heartblue_heartpurple_heart
I hope your Mom is feeling well!! 
Hugs~ Debbie kissing_heart
PS....Diamondgrlva, you are most welcome!! Anytime!!  blushgemring


From: Honeyphan


Hey Debbie! :)

Yeah, I stayed at level 30 throughout the entire spring event, then jumped back on the bandwagon once it was over! lol  I earned over a hundred keys, so am sure I have enough to open any new rooms that may come along, and have also opened furniture and bought a lot in both fall event rooms. :) So if Trina's quests get harder as I level up, at least I'm not desperate for keys!

I have opened the anniversary room and all the furniture there (and often change Anabel's costume, since I like both emerald green/purple and red! lol)

On my wish list I've been collecting different flowers for the remainder of my suns to make spring wreaths (and the spring wreaths themselves) so as to shard them to get closer to gaining the achievement. :) I've also got ghost traps and holiday wands on my list (and the latter will definitely stay there thru Christmastime, since I am bound and determined to get that Arctic fox achievement asap! lol )

And the little winter cat egg is still incubating in my inventory. ;-) Once the egg hunting starts, I'll send it to the consortium so as to take part in that activity and help out before holding on to the last and making my own winter cat. :)

Hope you and yours (and everyone here) is safe and well too! <3


  • Edited June 5, 2020 5:07 pm  by  Honeyphan