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All Pets, Tells and Favorite Locations   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/17/18 by LadyAstra; 56818 views.

From: LadyAstra


All Pets, Tells, and Favorite Locations

PLEASE READ BEFORE CONSULTING:  This thread is an "historic document" of a sort.  The original idea and information collection was done by napoeon/alexandr@ on the old Big Fish Games Forum for Midnight Castle.  When it closed in 2018, the thread was moved here to preserve it in case Big Fish ever deleted the old forum.  However, some of this information is out-of-date or is no longer relevant.  For example, the information on the "tells" and favorite locations was collected before the developers released the drop percentages for each pet.  Back then, it was thought that the "tells" and favorite locations would better your chances for higher value chests.  Now that we know the percentages, the "tells" and locations do not matter. 

Since most people who use this thread are newer players trying to plan their pet crafting or to determine when certain seasonal pets may be obtained, I am moving that section of the thread up to the top.  It will be updated as pets are added.  The rest of the thread will be moved to the end, as that information will be retained in its "historic" form, with things such as tells and favorite locations no longer updated.  Our thanks to napoeon/alexandr@ and her listed fellow original contributors (some of whom are no longer with us) for their hard work and dedication.

Crafted Regular & Seasonal Pets Requirements

            Listed below are all the regular pets which do not require an achievement (those are listed in the next message) as well as all seasonal pets and their requirements for crafting or required achievement.  Remember that those seasonal pets which are not linked to an achievement can be obtained out-of-season, but you will need to obtain the materials through gifting or diamond purchase, as those materials only drop during the events.  Achievement-based seasonal pets cannot be obtained out-of-season.  The Little Raven is linked to the 5th Anniversary room, which was only available in the summer of 2019.  We hope it will be made available again, but for now, its materials can only be obtained through gifting or purchasing with diamonds.

Seasonal Pets/Requirements

Winter / Christmas Pets:

Arctic Fox:  Complete Level 3 of the Elvish Enthusiasm Achievement.

Baby Mammoth:  Baby Mammoth Egg / 10 Green Christmas Cards / 30 Violet Christmas Cards / 10 Snowflakes / 500 coins

Christmas Gnome:  10 Santa's Medallions / 15 Snowflakes / 5 Green Christmas Cards / 5 Red Christmas Cards / 300 coins

Christmas Turkey:  10 Snowflakes / 30 Violet Christmas Cards / 20 Santa's Medallions / 70 Turkey Feathers / 1,000 coins

Enigmatic Narwhal:  50 Snowflakes / 20 Green Christmas Cards / 30 Blue Christmas Cards / 10 Santa Medallions / 1,000 coins

Fire Rooster:  Fire Rooster Egg / 10 Red Christmas Cards / 30 Yellow Christmas Cards / 20 Snowflakes / 300 coins

Friendly Fox:  10 Snowflakes / 30 Yellow Christmas Cards / 30 Blue Christmas Cards / 70 Fox's Brush / 1,000 coins

Funny Yeti:  Yeti Egg / 4 Blue Christmas Cards / 4 Red Christmas Cards / 5 Green Christmas Cards / 800 coins

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From: LadyAstra


Regular & Seasonal Pets / How You Get Them:

            Most of the Regular and Seasonal Pets can be crafted in the Laboratory, in the Pets tab, which will show the list of all available pets. (for more info, see the list of Regular & Seasonal Pets / Requirements).  Only 3 Seasonal Pets and 4 Regular pet eggs can be obtained by completing achievements, which are the Spring Butterfly - Clever Monkey - Stargazer, and Gold-Bearing Turtle Egg - Hopping Tiger Egg - Pink Piggy Egg - Flap-Eared-Puppy Egg. (see Achievement Pets / How you get them)

Achievement Pets / How You Get Them:

            Some pets can only be obtained by completing achievements, which are listed below.

Champion--Tournament Topper (Level 3): Be in top 100 of tournament 10 times. (No Longer Available as of April 2018)

Spring Butterfly--Spring has Arrived! (Level 3): Craft Wreath of Spring 30 times.

Clever Monkey--Christmas Room (Level 3): Purchase 4 items in the Christmas Room.

Little Elephant--Gift Horse (Level 3): Collect 300 daily bonuses.

Gold Pony--Time is Money (Level 3): Collect 50,000 coins in 24 hours.

In a While Crocodile--Menagerie (Level 3): Use 20 different pets in 24 hours.

Stargazer--Spring Hunt (Level 2): Complete the Spring Terrace scene 500 times.

Golden-Antlered Moose--Hit the Jackpot! (Level 3): Roll double six 36 times.

Beaky Woodpecker--Egg-Centric (Level 3): Win 100 pet eggs on Fortune Wheel.

Gold-Bearing Turtle (Egg)--Lucky One (Level 3): Win 200 items playing dice.

Pink Piggy (Egg)--Breadwinner (Level 2): Feed pets with 600 sacks of food.

Hopping Tiger (Egg)--Dragon Fighter (Level 2): Win at dice against Dragon 80 times.

Flap-Eared Puppy (Egg)--Steer Clear (Level 2): Get 3000 steering wheels for sending airships.

Exclusive (Level 69) Pets / How You Get Them:

Fire Dragon / Rainbow Dragon / Sea Serpent / Woolly-Paw

            Only players at level 69 will be able to get the pets from the Ghostly Chest (ZZ), located at Dark Tower / Dark Portal. The second time you use the keys of Fate at Ghostly Chest the first pet will be available, after that there are 3 more pets in the chest as well as 5 exclusive food bags that all the pets eat.

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