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Is your game glitchy all of a sudden?    Welcome!

Started 6/14/20 by pclark200; 1850 views.

From: pclark200


Seems like every time I start the game up something is off. Either friends are missing on HO scoreboard, or I get the dreaded "wait" when I try to gift friends, and I have gotten the same two daily quests for at least three weeks now! Anyone else seeing issues?


From: Honeyphan


I always have gotten friends "missing" though they aren't really missing.

I've found if I keep clicking in and clicking out repeatedly, it slowly builds with each click until it shows the right amount. :) Same works for if a friend's card suddenly doesn't show (though the total at top is right amount) - if you click out and back in, that seems to always solve the problem.

This also works for revising the wishlist, when an object won't disappear so you can add a different one.

I think the "please wait" or "unable to connect" happens when the Internet is busy and a lot of people are playing (since my Internet shows it is up, as I can get into everything else - meaning all my other Firefox windows I have up). - the "unable to connect" also happened during bad weather (though I could get on the Internet everywhere else...)

"I have gotten the same two daily quests for at least three weeks now! Anyone else seeing issues?" ---- this is a long standing (over a year) common problem that, for whatever reason, the developers have chosen not to address. 

When there is an update or immediately after an event, it corrects itself for a very short time, then goes back to looping.


From: darlodiggas


Yes ... I also have looping DQ's  !  It is so frustrating especially as I'm trying to complete the 10 DQ achievement and only  seem to just get the same repeating 3's and 5's which are pretty costly. The only 10 DQ  I get on repeat is What's Going On which requires 2 airship runs so is also costly!  It would be nice to give my game a shake up and get something different but this has been going on since the Spring Event and it's becoming a tad tedious.

Chrissie UK 


From: LvlSlgr


Since May 31st I've had the 5-part Another Potion 14 times. It's not a hard one but it requires an airship. Since the problem in April when my game was reset back to the beginning, I'm still trying to build up my inventory. I really can't manage to send an airship each day so I'm doing them every other day.

Msg 3505.6 deleted

From: danijelica


I got exactly same issue, DQ What's going on almost every day since Spring event finished until last weekend. Last week Thursday I raised a request through BFG help that I have that problem, and after two day it suddenly started to be random again, not completely, but I didn't see "What's going on" since then. I see different ones, though every second day same one. Interestingly, I got their reply by email only today! And they only recommend to reinstall the game. I don't know, I have the feeling like if they fixed something last weekend when it started behaving normally, without telling me. Or is it coincidence?

I might try reinstalling later as I have hardly any time to play these days anyway.

Also, I had similar issues few times in the past, and it usually got fixed with MC updates. so hopefully next update will fix it completely at least for few weeks.


Reinstalling can lead to difficulties you DO NOT WANT ---- I would be careful.

You found someone in customer service at BF that is giving the most fundamental and generic of answers ---- and their knowledge of the game is probably extremely limited. The problem is one that requires a fix from Elephant Games and has nothing to do with your device. I really disrespect BFG for giving you such a specious and generic answer. If it is that big of a concern to you it would be far better to contact Elephant Games directly.

Good luck.


From: pclark200


My game was running fine but now I have those repeating daily quests and am getting the dreaded "please wait" message when I try to access my friends. Also the game is taking a long time to connect to the cloud when I first start it up. Wonder what is going on at Big Fish??


From: Playbelle


Yes, I have a strategy for the missing friends though.  Don't go to your friends list when you first open the game.  Go to your Private Room (open your gift chest, click on your butterflies to see if you can get magic shards), then visit a friend's room until you find a room with another gift chest to open (click on those butterflies).  By the time you finish, your Friend List will be fully populated and you haven't wasted any time checking on it.

As for the "Please Wait"... well, that I think we're stuck with.  And when you change your Wish List, never click on the minus sign more than once if the item you want to remove doesn't vanish the first time.  Instead, close the whole Friends section, then open it again (the Wish List item you wanted to delete will be gone, now you can add the new one).  If you try clicking the minus sign more than once, your game will hang and you may even need to log out or restart your computer.

So basically, I'm verifying what Honeyphan said with my own experience.

For me the relatively new glitch is that when I exit the game, it always hangs for a LONG time before it finally closes.  That started in December.  Before that, when I exited the game it was immediate, like closing a window.  So I'm thinking "Really?! Now you need to think that hard about just closing?!"  To me, that's the weirdest glitch of all.