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Friends of ShaSha   Friends

Started Jun-17 by ShaSha (Myhashen); 320 views.
ShaSha (Myhashen)

From: ShaSha (Myhashen)


Couldn't get my computer fixed and had to get a new one.  (Like the cobbler's kids, the IT guy's wife has to come after the clients and it seems hard to get a lot of things these days!  However, my DH came through and I now have a new computer.  I have a list of my friends and I will start sending invitations with my new ID.  If you were an "events only" friend" and don't want to be a full time friend, just ignore the invite.  So happy to be back to playing again and glad that I didn't miss an event or anything.   Myhashen, playing MC as ShaSha

Bingo (manybears)

From: Bingo (manybears)


Glad you were able to get the new computer going.....I'll be looking for you!!



From: anglegirl70


Hi Sha Sha,  Glad you're back up and running again.  Got your invite and accepted it but can't send anything because there's no arrow.  Just want to make sure you've got everything you need.


I wondered why you hadn't changed your wish list for a long time.  Glad to have you back :)

ShaSha (Myhashen)

From: ShaSha (Myhashen)


Thanks!  Looking forward to being able to play again.  Taking my time with inviting friends but hoping to have all back that want to come back within a few days.  I've missed it!    ShaSha/Myhashen/Sharon