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Midnight Castle won't load   Technical Issues

Started 6/26/20 by typicalme; 599 views.

From: typicalme


For the last 2 days I have been unable to get Midnight Castle to open.  When I click on it nothing happens.  All I get is the little blue circle going around and around.  Any thoughts.


From: Playbelle


If you are playing on  PC (guessing so since you mention the circles), did you maybe have a Windows Update in the last week or so?  I did have that happen once with a Windows Update.  I make a habit of creating a restore point before I allow a Windows Update.  Then if anything is glitchy after an update I do a System Restore (your documents and other files, including game progress are not affected when you restore the computer to an earlier date).  However, never begin a System Restore without backing up your important documents and other files, just in case.  Also be sure that you know where your Windows Recovery drive (the one everyone should make when they take the computer out of the box) is.  It's extremely rare, but sometimes a System Restore can fail mid way and leave you without an operating system, so make sure you create that USB if you haven't already.

Best of luck!

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From: lilredhood51


i am having the same problem on android. it says there is an update and wants to load what looks like two things but nothing is happening. i haven't played the game for awhile.