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Help with BF rules   Fun and Games

Started Jun-29 by Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1); 245 views.

So I reinstated my BF membership after a years long absence, and I can't remember about an element of the "punches" received when buying games. I know you get 1 for an SE purchase and 3 for a CE purchase, and 6 punches gets you a free game coupon ---- but can you use 2 of these to get a CE game???

SE games are few and far between unless they are M3 or TM, both of which I never play so is getting a bunch of those coupons worth it? I will; only be a member for a short time while waiting on a BOGO sale so I can fill in some holes after I splurged at the Steam sale ---- so if I am left with coupons I guess I can try to give them away if they can only be used for SE games.

So am I thinking right about the coupons??? Thanks in advance.

I recently tried to use 2 coupons to purchase a CE and it didn't let me, so yes they're only for SE games.