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transferring game-android-help please   Technical Issues

Started 7/5/20 by Robert (amf368); 523 views.
Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


I want to try transferring one of my android games from one device to a new one without changing game id's. Is this possible? I have the ability to plug the devices into my desktop to transfer files between devices. I looked a the files on one of the devices but could not find the games files for midnight castle. I could barely figure out the file structure The game is downloaded on the new device but has not been opened. Can someone tell me how to find the saved files and witch one to move from the old device to the new device. if possible. I am hoping there are people out there who have more technical expertise with Android/kindle tablets than I do. Microsoft/windows tablets are totally organized differentially when if comes to file storage.  


From: lilredhood51


game files are not saved on your tablet in the same way that they are on a pc. the only way that you can keep your game is to contact big fish. it will take some time and lots of bugging. in the mean time you can play the game up to the level where you get friends and invite your friends that you have on your game to join. when your game is restored to the new game they will not disappear from the new game but they will not transfer from the old game.

good luck lilredhood


From: Turbogramma


Sorry to butt in here, but...
I'm getting a new PC soon. It will have (yuk) Win10 Pro. I'm currently running Win7 Pro. I am at level 86.
My question is what advice do you have for transferring my game to my new PC? Can I just back it up, install/download the game from BFG and install the backup? Or is it going to be more complicated? Will I run into compatibility issues going to new OS?

Thanks for any help!

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From: Turbogramma


Dang! I accidentally deleted your message.  I'm sorry. Can you repost it?

Thanks (feeling sheepish)

Here are Dhyani's instructions, I'm also CCing her this post since she can answer any questions you might have...…….

Here's detailed Instructions for the method I use to make a Backup of the MC progress.  I have 13 Castles, and have made Backups HUNDREDS of times and Restored my 13 Castles without fail and without having to wait for BFCS and retained ALL my stuff AND ALL MY FRIENDS.  I have Transferred ALL my Castles to different Devices at least 8 times over the past couple of years without fail.

Down the page you will see the instructions for Transferring  your Castle to a new/different device.  I made the type bigger so it stands out.  But please read the whole thing first and PM me if you have any questions.  I'm always happy to help!

First your PC MC progress lives in:

AppData\Roaming\Elephant Games\Midnight Castle

1. Click your Start Button, Open your User (at the top of the Start Menu Popup)

AppData should be right there in the lineup. If you don't see it, type Folder Options in the Start Button Search box, go to Folder Options, in View, scroll through and check Show All Folders and scroll down further and (I think it's a button instead of a box to check) Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives (or words like that).  AppData will now be visible. Repeat Step 1.

2. Open AppData

3. Open Roaming

You will find the Elephant Games Folder.  This is where your MC Progress 'lives.'

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From: Turbogramma


OK, that feels backward, but I will do that.  I don't have the unit yet: my grandson is buying me a new gaming PC for my birthday. YAY, grandson!!!! heart_eyesblush
Thanks for the reply.  I reserve the right to come back and ask more stupid questions! ;)

You're welcome, happy to help!!