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Ghostly Chest   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Jul-10 by victor1244; 223 views.

From: victor1244


Could someone please tell me where to find "The Ghostly Chest" in the "Dark Tower". Thank you, victor1244

Go to the Laboratory (the door on the right in the Guest Room) and the door to the Dark Portal (where you'll find the Ghostly Chest) is located under the Alchemic Converter.


From: victor1244


Thank you very much, I have located the chest as per your instructions, thank you again, victor1244

You're welcome!!  If you're just reaching the Ghostly Chest you may want to read the MC Game Guide for important information (it starts on page 8, msg 158).  

You'll find the guide in the Tips, Tricks and Guides Folder, click on the COMPLETE INDEX discussion 



From: Honeyphan


speaking of ghostly chest...

I am working with that now, and have gotten two of the pets. :) To get the others, do you recommend I keep doing the side tasks until I get 100 more keys (I have the ocean guide to get yet - am nearing the end of level 71, but read in that tips guide that after level 71, the destiny keys come fewer and not as often - no more characters quests giving them out, which mine still are) - or do the side quests continue pretty regularly to be able to get the other two pets with ease?

With the castle challenge -currently being the crafting of 15 items - which I still haven't completed - side quests don't give them and I'd like to continue with the character quests to complete yesterday's CC -and craft more items - but at the same time, I don't want to lose out on those two pets, since once I open the chest, the side tasks go away....

Advice, please?? :)