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MORPHING   Gifts, Wishes and Random Pleas for Help

Started Jul-11 by Gardenbird; 1740 views.

From: LvlSlgr


Definitely give it a minute or two before opening an HOS. Also, move your eyes all around the scene as you're looking for them.

Just my opinion since you're having such a difficult time spotting the flowers, I would go ahead and play the HOSs first.  That way, nothing else is blinking or twinkling on the screen to distract you.  Eventually, you'll see them and it'll become second nature to spot them.

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From: datsalotta


The flower morphs used to be immobile, now they take a little leap. Years ago in the original forum when we could pm the mods, I pm'd one and asked if it's possible to make the flowers leap just like the eggs and snowflakes. Without any further ado the task was done 


I did the morph challenge a little different this year. (Just a side note I play 4 MCs - 3 on PC and 1 on ipad.) On my level 100 PC game I endeavoured to start at the Castle and work my way through all the Rooms until I completed the Titan Lands (from level 100) I took my time to find all 3 morphing flowers in each room.

This did not yield enough flowers to allow me to complete the Castle Challenge, so did all the rooms in Titan Lands again and still not enough morphs, so did all the Northern Islands Rooms again. Finally completed the Morph Castle Challenge. This took me 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Some of the rooms, especially the newer ones, I'm not so familiar with the location of the morphs. As well some of the morphs in several rooms were eluding me so I just took my time and perservered to get all 3 flowers in each room.

Yes I completed the morph challenge in all 4 games. So happy with my accomplishment.

Have fun with the Castle Challenge everyone



From: EllyV



it also makes a difference if you play with or without daylight.

at night the screen is brighter, daylight makes it harder to see everything.

give it a tryrelaxed.


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From: Gardenbird


Thank you to everyone who replied.   I finally started to see morphing flowers on some screens (certainly not all) .  It took me 4 days to collect 300 and that was playing a lot..  

If there is another morphing objects challenge, I think that will be where I stop taking part in the challenge, as I would be so far behind. 

Pets are another problem for me.  I have only been playing just over 3 months, so only have 2 pets.   I think you probably need more for the feeding challenge so you can keep swapping between them and have enough of the right food.  Took me a while to work that one out. 

I'll get there eventually.  It's quite a complicated game. .  Took me ages to figure out how to get to the rooms in the town. Once I reached the end of the castle rooms, I didn't know how to move on to the town rooms.   Eventually figured that one out as well.  In another year, I'll be an expert !! I wish.    Haven't joined the consortium yet, which I think is something I should be doing, but need to get my head round what I am actually achieving first,   Never seem to have enough coins,  They go  very fast. 


From: EllyV


you can do a round only trying to find the flowers.maybe that is easier.

what you need in this game is patience, lots of it, but you will figure it out thumbsup.

and we are all here to help you out. happy hunting.


Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


Hi! wave
I have sent you a PM.

Please, when you have a moment if you would read it.

Thank you so very much!! 

Debbie ~ Consortium Leader wink


From: KathyVesnik


Gardenbird, I just added you and I have some extra pet food I could gift you.


From: Gardenbird



I will PM you soon, need to read through your instructions first to work out how to do it.

Have followed your advice. Now got the cat and Dot has sent me an egg, so thank you very much.

Since lockdown started here in the UK,  I seem to have got busier and busier, so never enough time in the day to do everything I intend to do. 

Not complaining though. Have managed to steer clear of the virus so far. 

Thanks again   - Gardenbird